Julia: a 25-year-old Australian living in Paris, with an insatiable love for running (and food!). Since starting running in August 2012 I have transformed from chubby nerd into an endurance athlete. I am currently on the quest to run 26.2 marathons by age 26.2 (April 2019), as well as taking on triathlons, completing my first ultra-marathons and trying to combat the insatiable appetite that comes with all the training!

It didn’t all happen overnight though. I started running on a dare from a friend to complete an 8-week couch-to-5k program, after which I promptly gave up and didn’t run again for six months. On completing my first fun-run at the 2013 City2Surf in my home town of Sydney and discovering the world of races and events though, I was hooked. I started signing up to every event I could find, completed a 365-day run-streak and in 2015 ran my first marathon in Melbourne.

When I moved to London in Jan 2016, I discovered a whole new world of running. Soon my one marathon had turned into fifteen, I had taken up triathlon and was participating at events all over Europe. In 2017 alone I competed in 26 events! I just love races; they are such a great way to travel and regularly push my limits, proving to my lazy former self that I was capable of so much more that I could ever have imagined.

Although I’m no elite, I’m constantly striving to be a better athlete. At the Berlin Marathon in Sept 2017 I was able to achieve a dream-goal of mine by qualifying for the Boston Marathon. In 2018 I moved to Paris, where I have spent the first part of the year studying part-time and training to run my first ultra. I have lofty goals and high expectations (which can sometimes cause problems), but they keep me honest and focused. I know that I have the ability to be great, and every day I continue to chase that dream.

Carbs and Kilometres is the place where I describe everything that is going on in my training, racing, and all the other important things that I think about constantly. It’s an honest account of what’s going on in my life – the good, the bad and all the mundane days in-between. I hope that you find it of interest and that it inspires you to go out there and chase your own goals.