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We’re really in the thick of marathon season now! Paris is done, Boston unicorns ran yesterday, and it’s only five days until London Marathon! Every blog and Instagram post is either final thoughts about marathon preparation or a recap of how the race went. I spent a good hour today reading about people’s experiences of Boston Marathon yesterday, such as The Runners Beans and Crazy Running Girl. After Paris, I completely understand they felt when the 26-degree heat sapped away their PB hopes, but at the same time every person spoke about the magic of running through the Scream Tunnel, conquering Heartbreak Hill, and then turning right on Hereford, left on Boylston. One day I too will be running from Hopkinton to Boston, I can feel it in my heart.

Some of my friends completed the six World Marathon Majors, whereas London on Sunday will be my first! I’m getting more and more excited by seeing all the signs around the city and people posting photos of the barriers being set up on Tower Bridge and in Greenwich. You can feel it in the atmosphere: something great is about to hit this town.

I absolutely cannot wait to run on Sunday. It’s super special to me, not just because I’ll be running in my home city and attempting the Guinness World Record, but also because a few months ago I was lucky enough to be chosen to be part of the Adidas Sport Eyewear #WHYIRUNLDN team for the marathon. Along with three other champion runners (Lydia, Michael and Martin), I was kitted out in Adidas London Marathon kit and given some awesome sports sunglasses to test out. Each of us has a different story to tell (fast runners, multiple-marathoners, first-timers, and two Guinness World Record attempts!) but is each bringing our A-game for the race this weekend.

Lydia, Michael, me and James Tuffy from Adidas (missing Martin)

I’ve been trying out the two pairs of sunglasses we were given on a few different runs. The Zonyk Aero on me look a little too much like science goggles, however they have an awesome technology in the lenses which transitions them from light to dark in a few seconds. I was surprised by how much light they detected even when I didn’t think it was sunny outside, and it’s made me think that I really need to look after my eyes a bit more. They are also completely adjustable, from the angle of the arms to the tightness of the nose-piece, so it sits very snugly on your face. In addition, it comes with a sweat-rim across the top of the glasses, which can also be removed for added ventilation.

My preference though, is for the Sprung pair. I think these look aesthetically very cool, and seem like they could fit in both as a daywear pair of sunglasses as well as when running on the road or trail. We were given a pair with orange lenses (my favourite colour!), but these can also be popped out and exchanged with others if you prefer your sunglasses match your outfit. The best thing for me about these though, is that the arms are screw-less meaning that they can’t break just by sitting in my bag! The arms lock into the main frame via simple click hinge system; all very easy to pull apart and put back together yourself.

My main problem with running with sunglasses is that a) it hasn’t been nearly sunny enough recently to warrant taking them out, and b) I find that they fog up after a few kilometres of me running. This is quite likely due to the fact that I sweat a lot while running, as I’ve heard that others haven’t had this problem at all. They do though feel very comfortable, and don’t bounce around or get annoying at all while you run.

I’m excited for summer to come so that I can wear both pairs more often, although I think I’ll save the sportier-looking Zonyk Aeros for bike rides. It’s been great to be able to test them out and be part of the Adidas Sport Eyewear #WHYIRUNLDN team, and I can’t wait to represent on Sunday!

NB: I was given the Adidas Sport Eyewear glasses as part of the #WHYIRUNLDN London Marathon team but not paid to write about the product. All opinions are my own.

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