Book Review: Your Pace or Mine? by Lisa Jackson

One of my favourite races I’ve ever run was the Dublin Marathon. It was my slowest marathon, but I spent the entirety of the race soaking up the atmosphere: chatting with people around me, high-fiving every child that stuck out their hand, laughing at the amazing costumes that people were wearing (including one guy with a Eiffel Tower!). Four hours of pure enjoyment that I will never forget.

It is exactly this joy of running which Lisa Jackson speaks about in her new book Your Pace Or Mine?. I was meant to get a lot of life admin done last night, but instead I stayed up late devouring her story of running an incredible number of marathons all over the world (now over 100) – wearing silly hats and often coming last! She reminded me that it doesn’t matter how fast you go, what counts is how much fun you have, that you make friends amidst all the pain, and to soak up the atmosphere and the place you a running through.

Your Pace Or Mine? took me on a rollercoaster of emotions, from belly-laughing at her tale of trying out a ‘new way to pee’, to crying at the many stories of runners who run for people they have lost in their lives. The book finishes with a heartwarming list of reasons why people run, in which I could find many of my own. I run because it makes me happy, as does Lisa.

I thoroughly recommend you give Lisa’s book a read, it’s sure to inspire you to get outside for a run – just as it did for me! You can buy your own copy from the Book Depository or many other online bookstores.

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