Building back up in August

It’s cooling down, there are signs for ‘La Rentrée’ (back to school) everywhere, and my kilometres are racking up again… it must be September! I honestly don’t know where this year has gone, but at the same time, August felt like it dragged on forever. Not sure if that was because I spent the whole time waiting for the month to be over, but it just went on and on. My training settled into a pretty solid groove, and although it wasn’t always smooth sailing, I do feel like I’ve got a solid base under me.

Without a definitive finish line, the ‘Summer of Speed’ disappeared into more long runs and marathon training. In August I clocked up 301.8km, which is my highest month of kilometres since April, when I clocked up the exact same total (freaky…). I got my weeks back around the ~70km mark without feeling like the running was completely taking over my life, which was really important. That brings this year’s total to 2319.7km (to my best calculations).

Here are my highlights from August:

Sri Chinmoy 2mi

I kicked off the month with a short and sharp 2-mile race in the Bois de Vincennes. There weren’t many participants and the average age was 60+, but I put in a good effort and came away with the W in 13:16 ☝ My prize was a banana which tasted like sweet, sweet victory!

Secret Race Series ‘C’était un Rendezvous

Bookending the other side of the month was a similar-distance yet completely different event. At the Secret Race Series event I only found out the night before when, where, and what we would be running: a very early morning sprint through Paris, dodging cars and making our way from the Arc du Triomphe to the Sacre Coeur. It was tough but I finished in 2nd place and won myself a t-shirt, plus got bragging rights for the rest of the workday for having already raced that morning.

Photo thanks to @faster__ro

Tour de Paris

Now that I’m back into proper marathon training, my long runs shot up to 2-3hours in length. To fit in these distances I started exploring new areas of Paris and finding interesting routes to take. The most exciting one was for my recent 3hour effort, where I circumnavigated the city in a clockwise direction, closing the loop in ~33km. It was a great way to change my mindset from ‘this is so long’ to ‘I really want to finish this challenge’, as well as see new bits of the city.

Deauville beach day

Sye had claimed that ‘summer isn’t summer without swimming in the ocean’, so we planned a day trip to Deauville on the Normandy coast to do just that. Unfortunately (as luck would have it), we got one of the first cold and grey days since May, and so didn’t actually get to go in the water! However, we did eat seafood, walked along the beach and other seaside activities, so it was still a lovely day out.

Fontainebleau + hiking

The other day trip we fit in in August was a visit to Fontainebleau castle and forest on a public holiday in the middle of the month. The castle was once occupied by Napoleon Bonaparte as well as many historical kings and queens, and is surrounded by miles and miles of forest. I would love to go back there again at some point to run!

Coming up in September

IT’S MARATHON TIME! I’m sooooo excited: it’s less than two weeks until Oslo Marathon! This will probably be a warm-up before the main event at Chicago Marathon at the beginning of October, but I can’t wait to take on the 42.2 again. At the end of the month my mum is also coming to stay with us for ~10 days, and it’s going to be lovely to spend time with her and explore some more of Paris. Definitely an exciting month ahead!

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