Cambridge Boundary Run marathon Oh boy, that was a tough one. I crossed the line and then nearly cried into Sye’s shoulder as he hugged me. That marathon pretty much broke me. Despite hitting both the goals I’d set, it was too tough to feel like a victory.

follow site The plan for the run was just to go easy and enjoy it, and try for a negative split if I was feeling good halfway. I’d been nervous about this first marathon of 5 in 3 months, and a few days beforehand decided I needed a time-goal as well. I settled on 4:15 as a reasonable slow marathon time, but it was probably a mistake to set one at all.

go site Last year I ran the half marathon version of the Boundary Run, so I was familiar with the course and organisation. Put on by the Cambridge University Hare & Hounds, it runs all the way around the boundary of Cambridge (hence the name). Some 870 people had entered the half and full offerings, making it my smallest marathon so far. It’s a very chill vibe, and at only £14.70 to enter, a very affordable option.


follow link I knew that the water stations along the course would provide cookies and sweets for the runners, so therefore decided only to take a few gels and see how I’d go running on ‘real’ food for a change. I also opted not to take a hydration pack, even though the water stops were typically 7-8km apart, with none after 34km. Seeing as in my long runs lately I had been doing fine without much water, I figured I could be ok. This is a much more serious run than a marathon like London – the university students come out to prove their speed and endurance, and the rest of the field is made up largely of 100-marathon-club members and hopefuls. My outfit therefore needed to be as bright and stand-outish as possible! A pink tutu and patterned leggings did the trick along with my trusty fluoro orange shirt. A lady beforehand called me ‘brave’. I just thought it was fun 🙂

see oota sa torju lamaa lama dari biasanya. Tunggu saja sampai masuk tampilan SAMSUNG Galaxy Selamat…