Exciting news…

…we’re moving to PARIS! 🇫🇷🥐🍷🧀🥖

Woah, crazy right?

Sye has been looking for his next work opportunity for a while, and when an offer came up in Paris we decided to make the move! With his visa situation (as an Aussie, he is only allowed to stay in the UK for two years which ends June 2018) it seemed like a logical move to make as the french company will sponsor him to stay in Europe for another four years. I am a German citizen and so don’t have that problem, but am also keen to live in as many places as possible.

Paris has been on my ‘must-live-there’ list since I first visited over Easter in 2013. I spent six days wandering around the city, drinking café-o-lait and falling in love with the beautiful buildings and streets. I was obsessed with Coco Chanel at the time, and it was a dream to walk into 31 Rue Cambon and where she started her business. Since then I’ve tried several times to learn French, including spending the past year doing a few modules on Duolingo every day. I’ve finished the online course several times now but still don’t think my French is up to scratch, so living in Paris is the perfect opportunity to improve!

I’m not sure yet what Paris holds for me, I haven’t lined up a job nor am I intending to for a while. I first want to settle into the city and possibly take an intensive language course before jumping into full-time work in a foreign language. There are probably English-speaking places I could work, but I feel that it would be rude (and a wasted opportunity) to not try and speak French all day.

And of course I’ll be running! I’ve already started to look up Parisian running groups (if you know of any, please let me know!) and running routes and am quite excited to explore areas like the Bois du Vincennes, Canal St Martin and of course, la Seine. If I do study for a few months I should have some extra hours in the day to train, which is an exciting prospect. My bicycle will also be accompanying us to Paris, and it’ll be great to explore the city on two wheels as well.

We’re heading back to Australia for a few weeks from 22 Nov for a wedding and some birthdays, and on return will be heading straight for Paris! So as of mid-December it will all be ‘ooh-la-la’ and ‘oui oui’.

There is still so much to organise and I’m finding it all quite emotional at the moment. I love London and all the incredible people I have met here, and I’m very sad to be leaving my job and my friends behind. At the same time, this is a one-off opportunity which I’m so grateful to have, and it’s incredibly exciting!

If you can give us any tips about Paris: where to live, where to eat, where to run! or anything else, it would be a great help.


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