Fearless women

It’s great to see more and more brands promoting women in sport. Female participation and recognition across all sports, not just running, historically has been minimal. Until 1984, the women’s marathon was not even an event at the Olympics, based on some old-man’s fear that a women’s uterus would fall out if she ever tried to run that far. Nowadays female participation in running is on the rise, however we are nowhere near parity. At the start-line of the Barcelona Marathon in March 2017 the announcers were proudly exclaiming that they had 20% female entrants. Other events see far less. It’s an issue which needs to be addressed and spoken about openly.

Which is why I love sports brands centering campaigns about how strong women are. The latest one to come across my radar is by Adidas, called ‘Fearless AF’. It features a number of accomplished women in running overlaid on top of an announcer from decades past declaring how women are not capable of being sportspeople. Some of the women featured include Mary Keitany (marathoner extraordinaire), Robin Arzon (ultra-runner) and Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to officially run a marathon. The juxtaposition creates a powerful campaign which says: we are more than enough.

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