Feeling inspired by incredible athletes

It’s hard not to feel inspired as a runner in London at the moment, with the Athletics World Championships currently underway. So many talented athletes are putting all their hard work and training to the test for the world to see. I get quite emotional and proud seeing the performances, and more often than not am glued to the television at night to watch the Championships. I was also lucky enough to attend the first evening last Friday, thanks to my friend Sarah who unfortunately forgot she would be overseas! The atmosphere of being in the stadium, surrounded by people who appreciated the sport I love and cheering on the best of the best was absolutely incredible.

I’m pulling inspiration for my own running from these athletes, trying to channel their dedication to the sport into my own early wake-up calls and training sessions. I’ve also recently come across some other stories and campaigns which are making me feel inspired, and encouraging me to keep striving to do my best.

Under Armour ‘Unlike Any’ Campaign

The latest campaign by Under Armour is all about highlighting the achievements of women in sport, proving that they can defy expectations and can stand on their own merit without being compared to men. What I love about the campaign is the series of videos they have created using spoken-word poetry to celebrate four female athletes across a variety of sports. In particular, the poem created for Natasha Hastings completely blew me over. Its message of strength and passion struck deep in my heart, and I carry the words with me as a daily reminder of what is possible.

I, ambassador
I, firestarter
I, rainmaker
I figured out how to fly

Finding Your Feet at the London Triathlon

Just before the London Triathlon I came across the story of Corinne Hutton, a lady who was about to take on the Sprint distance challenge. What was so inspiring about her story was that she is a quadruple amputee, having lost her hands and legs to septicaemia, and also had two-thirds of her lung removed earlier in the year. If that doesn’t make you think that you can do anything, then I don’t know what will!

I followed up on her story after the triathlon and was so happy to see that she finished it, and was quoted saying that she “absolutely loved the challenge”. She raced in honour of her charity Finding Your Feet, which supports families affected by amputations. Beyond the triathlon, Corinne has done so many other impressive feats such as climbing Ben Nevis, abseiling off a building and more. It seems like nothing can stop her, and that’s an attitude I too want to channel.

Photo from the Evening Standard, where you can read more about Corinne’s triathlon achievement.

Parathletics World Championship

On a similar vein, it’s not only the able-bodied athletes who’s World Championship performances which should be celebrated. At the Parathletics, which finished two weeks ago, so many athletes produced inspiring performances which are perhaps more remarkable than what we’re currently seeing the the Athletics World Championships. Certainly in terms of World Records and Course Records, many more were broken in the Parathletics (from what I’ve seen), and it felt like a true celebration of running. Every evening the parathletes came out and proved that they deserve just as much attention as any athlete at the top of their game should receive.

My personal favourite performances of the Parathletics came from Australian young gun Isis Holt, who took gold in the women’s T35 200m, Jonnie Peacock in the men’s T44 100m, and Hannah Cockroft who swept the board across the T34 100m, 400m and 800m. Outstanding performances! I also thoroughly enjoyed Liam Malone‘s commentating, and look forward to his attempt to be the fastest man on earth in the next three years.

What is inspiring you at the moment?

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