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When you’re working towards some big goals, you can often lose sight of where you came from. Taking stock of progress can be a really valuable lesson in recognising all the hard work you’ve put in, often over years, which have got you to the point you are today. Because our success is not the product of a few weeks or months of training, but rather years of constant dedication to our sport.

I recently discovered a post by Miles to the Trials where she outlines her first vs her fastest result across a number of distances. I love this concept because it so clearly shows progress made. Here’s my list:

By Speed

First: 3:55:12, Melbourne Marathon, Oct 2015
Fastest: 3:28:41, Berlin Marathon, Sept 2017

First: 2:09:49, Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, Sept 2014
Fastest: 1:39:57, Thames Meander Half Marathon, Aug 2017

First: 53:42, Nike She Runs Syd, May 2014
Fastest: 43:05, Victoria Park 10km, Jan 2017

5km (non-parkrun)
First: Unknown, The Color Run Sydney, Feb 2014 (fun); 25:20, Lindfield Rotary Fun Run, April 2014 (raced)
Fastest: 20:56, Chase the Sun 5km at Clapham Common, July 2017

First: 27:55, Mosman, Jan 2015
Fastest: 20:45, Mile End, July 2016

By Distance

First: 14km, 2:29:57, City2Surf 2004 (walked, age 11); 14km, 1:45:59, City2Surf 2013 (proper first race)
Longest: 45km, 4:31:03, EcoTrail de Paris, March 2018 (continuous); 56km, Endure 24, June 2016 & June 2017 (relay)

First: 200m (pool)/5km (spin bike)/3km, London Aquatics Centre Indoor Triathlon, April 2016
Longest: 1.9km/90km/21.1km, The Gauntlet Half-Iron Triathlon, July 2017

First: 1500m (open water), Capital Try ‘Fix Splash’, July 2016
Longest: 5km (50m pool), Macmillan All-Out Swim, Oct 2016

First: 52 miles, Bloodwise Bikeathon, July 2016
Longest: 100 miles, Ride London, July 2017

It’s pretty insane to see all that progress written down like that – and that only counts races. It doesn’t take into consideration all the training that went in before any of those first events, like doing my first training run, my first attempt at cycling (oh that was bad), first time I properly tried to swim since school. It also has made me realise that it hasn’t actually been that long that I’ve been racing and training, even though it feels like it’s been forever. I’m glad to know there’s still a lot more to come too!

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