Guinness World Record attempt at London Marathon!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to try and set a Guinness World Record at London Marathon this year, but that my first choice as a pirate came back with a way-too-fast time attached, so I needed to rethink my plan.

I can now officially confirm that I am approved for a different category, the fastest marathon dressed as a cheerleader (female)! I’m so excited – I was a massive fan of Bring It On when I was younger (I watched all five movies many times over, even the fairly awful second one) and always dreamt of being able to tumble through the air and handstand flip my way across the floor. Alas, I wasn’t built for those things, but at least now I can shake some pompoms for 42.2km at London Marathon!

The time to beat is 4:30, which I could confidently achieve at a normal marathon except for 3 major hurdles:

  1. I’ll be racing Paris Marathon just two weeks earlier and I don’t know if my legs will be OK again by London
  2. The skirt is very short (chafe alert!), and the pompoms are likely to get super sweaty from holding them the whole way around
  3. Someone else could attempt the same attempt on the day (or beforehand), and I’ll have to be flexible enough with my speed to match them.

I’ll be writing another post soon about the process of applying for a Guinness World Record, and will keep you updated on my training and journey, of course!

This is all in aid of Trekstock, the cancer support charity for young people that I’m raising money for. I would love it if you could donate to the challenge via my Virgin Money Giving fundraising page.

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