Guinness World Record Update

My mother is in London! How exciting is that? She arrived incredibly early this morning and I met her at the station before having a coffee and working from home for the day to be with her. I get to spend the weekend with her, and then we have another week together once Paris Marathon is done. All my hopes are on the weather being beautiful for her entire stay.

We’re really in the thick of Spring marathon season now, and I just received my London Marathon bib packet! Because I’m attempting the Guinness World Record, I’ll be in the Green start group, along with all the celebrities, good-for-age runners etc.. You can track or find me on the day via my race number 24599.

Preparations for the record attempt are underway. So far I’ve done four runs with various parts of the costume, and will be wearing it again to parkrun this Saturday. I don’t think it will be nearly as tough to run in as some other costumes, but I’m still trying to get enough practise in so that I know what awaits me on race day. The pompoms will be the worst part, but I did get confirmation today that I can hold them in one hand for a short period of time (eg. to drink or have a gel). That’s something off my mind, as I wasn’t sure how that would logistically work otherwise.

Michael, a friend of mine through Adidas Runners will also be running London as a Guinness World Record attempt, his for the ‘fastest marathon dressed as a star’! He and I have decided to run together as we both have a similar time goal. This should also help with proving that we completed the marathon in costume, as we will need to take photographs with every mile marker along the way. I still have to figure out how to carry my phone in an easily accessible place though, and decide whether to take a selfie stick with me too in case Michael and I get split up and I need to take my photos alone.

As for my charity fundraising: I haven’t been doing too well. I feel so awkward asking people for money that I often just tell them about the attempt and that I’m raising money, and then just hope they will put two-and-two together and do the rest. I probably should be more explicit with my request. So if you’re reading this, PLEASE SPONSOR ME!

Alternately, if you want something for your money, I’m selling pompoms to raise money for my charity. A pair costs £20, which includes a £6 donation. You can then wave the pompoms at me furiously on London Marathon day. If you’d like to buy a pair, please fill out the Pompoms for Trekstock form – but please note that you need to be in London so that I can hand-deliver them to you.

I’ve reached out to a number of newspapers and publications about the attempt, so hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll have more news to share. Keep an eye out!

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