Hello 2017!

January 1st is always a great time for a resolution, right? Unlike the insignificant August weekday on which I went for my first run and changed my life, January 1st is a good, memorable date for starting new things… like this blog!

For the past two years I’ve been hand-writing my training the old-fashioned way into a lovely Moleskine diary (after the first year I realised I needed a day-to-a-page version!). I’ve found it to be a great way to reflect on how the day’s training session went and how I’m feeling about any upcoming events. However, it doesn’t give me the opportunity to reflect across a wider period of time, or to share my learnings and experiences with others. I will continue to log my life in my new 2017 journal, but in addition will be writing weekly blog posts here about my training, races, recipes, hot tips etc..

This blog is also designed to help me keep making progress on the crazy list of goals which I’ve set myself for this year:

  • Sub-3:30 marathon (Boston Qualifier)
  • Sub-1:40 half-marathon
  • Sub-20 5km
  • Sub-2:45 Olympic triathlon
  • Run 17 different parkruns in London
  • Reach 100 parkruns
  • Get a coaching qualification
  • Run a negative-split race
  • Go for a proper ‘naked’ run (with no watch, no phone, no way of knowing how far or how long run either during or after)
  • Set a Guinness World Record (hopefully at London Marathon)
  • Raise £2000 for Trekstock through the 26.2 marathons challenge
  • Give blood
  • No more drinking alcohol (except post-marathon celebrations)

Oh boy, just writing some of those down gives me the heebie-jeebies, like trying to BQ, or that elusive sub-20 5km which I know will be so much pain… but there they are in black and white. This what I want to achieve, and I will give it everything I’ve got to tick them off, one bye one. And you’d better believe that there will be an epic celebration whenever that happens!

Let’s do this, 2017 💪

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