Low kilometres, big racing

I feel like this year is flying by. I also feel like I haven’t properly trained in months… which is pretty true. Instead I’ve been running lots of long-distance races, including this month becoming a true, bona-fide ultra runner! I’d been working towards the North Downs Way 50 mile race for so long, and it ended up being a crazy rollercoaster adventure.

In the tradition of the entire year, my total kilometres dropped again, to just 208.4km run. Of that, the NDW race week made up for nearly half the kilometres! The race nicely contributed to 3295m climbed for the month, but now that I don’t have any more hilly events coming up I won’t be reporting that stat anymore. Unfortunately it looks like my goal of 4080km for the year won’t be happening, especially now that ultra training is over, however things could still change.

Here are the highlights from May:

North Downs Way 50 miler

Yup, 50 miles. 80.5km. Or rather – 51mi/82km because it’s trail and never perfectly the distance you want but oh jeez that last mile was just a cruel addition! My furthest distance ever run, longest time ever spent moving, and nearly 11 hours to get from start to finish. I walked a lot of the second half – it got really hard. But I had a brilliant support crew (Sye) and saw a bunch of friends along the way, so that was great. You can read the full write-up in all its glory for the nitty-gritty details of what happened on the North Downs Way.

Bois de Boulogne 10km

After all the April marathons it was a shock to the system to try and race a 10km. I took on the race for Adidas Runners Odéon, and the knowledge that I had to do well to help the team did keep me going mentally, even if I faded over the inclines of the second half. I had also had a weird allergic reaction the night before, so my face was all puffy and gross during the race 😂 Was happy to manage 46:36 after the focus on endurance and distance rather than speed in training, but it did hurt to get there.

Started work

The biggest change this month was going back to being gainfully employed and having to be in the same room for the majority of my day. I’m really glad I started in a month with a few public holidays, a few trips and a work offsite, because I haven’t yet had to do a full week of work! It’s been an adjustment not to have control over my day, and I find that I’m quite tired in the evenings (and the mornings!) – so please also forgive me for the reduced number of blog posts per week as I just don’t have as much time. However, I’m happy to have found a great company and be working on an interesting project. Our company offsite in the French countryside was also glorious, and I got to do a few runs there to shake out the legs post-ultra.

Lots of rest and recovery

The low(er) kilometres this month was just because I wasn’t doing much running, and instead resting a lot! My body and mind needed the break, and it was nice to just relax, eat food, and not worry about anything too much. I also had some opportunities to do some different types of movement, like going canoeing at the work offsite, and I really enjoyed that. Oh, and it’s been beautiful and sunny, so took lots of opportunities to get some much-needed Vitamin D ☀

Coming up in June

Kicking off the month with a bang I’ll be running (not racing!) Stockholm Marathon this weekend, and then have the Adidas Paris 10km a week later. I’m also eyeing up an open water swim in the middle of the month, which means I should really get in some swimming! Mostly my aim for this month is to get stuck into some training again, because I miss the rigour of working hard towards a goal. It’s been too long since I’ve had any sort of consistency. As for what I’ll be training for? That remains to be seen…

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