Marathon weekend packing list

It’s only two days until Cambridge Boundary Run marathon! I’m getting excited to run long again, especially because this marathon doesn’t have any time-goals or training aims. My only plan for it is to enjoy myself and have fun, which is definitely my favourite way to run a race.

One of my goals with running all these marathons is to use them to travel all around Europe and the world and see lots of different cities. In fact, I have not yet run a marathon in the city I live in! That means always packing a bag, and not forgetting anything you may need come marathon day. Here is my packing list for a weekend marathon trip, including a few handy extras you may not have thought about. It’s a bit long, but I’ve found it’s better to overpack and have the right gear in case of a heatwave or cold front than just to bring the bare essentials.

Race kit:

  • T-shirt with your name on the front, preferably in your favourite colour
  • Running shorts and tights, in case of a change in weather conditions (although I usually run in capris which suit both)
  • Sports bra
  • Shoes for race day (if planning to do a shakeout run the day before, bring a second pair of shoes even if it takes up space)
  • An long-sleeve shirt for warmth (if needed)
  • Arm warmers (great because you can wear them to start & roll them down over the course of the run)
  • Blister-free socks
  • Garmin watch
  • TUTU!

Post-race kit:

  • Comfortable trackpants
  • Clean running t-shirt, in case the official race tee is awful
  • Lightweight bra (I take my least supportive one)
  • Your favourite pair of socks
  • Compression calf sleeves

Handy extras:

  • ID, Rail Card or Passport
  • A good book!
  • Vaseline. Spread this on your feet and anywhere else that may chafe to avoid blisters and ouchies
  • Safety pins (can never have too many)
  • Spare hair elastic & bobby pins
  • Garmin charger
  • Marker pen, to write an inspiring mantra on your arm to remember throughout the race
  • Nail polish, for race nails
  • Something from your running club, eg. t-shirt or cap to wear the day before race & remind you of all the awesome people you’ve trained with
  • Too many gels. Count out the ones you know you’ll take (1 GU and 3-4 SIS for me), then add 1-2 more per type. Even if you don’t end up taking them with you for the race itself, it’s best to have too many for piece of mind.
  • Camelbak, in case you discover that the water stations are too far apart, and need to carry water yourself
  • Electrolyte tablets to add to drinking water afterwards
  • A protein bar
  • Face wipes
  • Training journal & pen
  • Extra paper for writing down your thoughts about the race

Is there anything you think I’ve missed, or something you always bring with you for a running weekend away? Let me know!

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