Official Guinness World Record holder!

Wow – I did it! I’m am now the official Guinness World Record holder for the fastest marathon dressed as a cheerleader (female), crossing the line of the London Marathon in 3:46:55.

It was an incredible experience, and one which I will write much more about in the coming days. I loved being one of the group of people trying to set new Guinness World Records, because they were all so inspiring in their reasons for why they wanted to give it a go. I was thoroughly impressed by some of the costumes people were running in, such as a storm-trooper outfit, carrying a 100lb pack, or the teams of 2-5 people all strapped together in one costume.

My costume held out the race, and I didn’t find the pom-poms too annoying as after a few kilometres I became used to carrying them and waving them at spectators. The worst part was the shorts/skirt: although I wore BodyGlide to help prevent chafing, this rubbed off after 10km of sweating and every step forward became painful. I’m incredibly grateful for the St John’s Ambulance volunteers at Mile 15 and 22 who gave me vaseline, I don’t think I could have finished in the time I did without them.

If anyone is thinking of attempting a Guinness World Record, the London Marathon is the place to do it. The two organisations have a collaboration which makes the whole process easy, and means that you can get finish-line verification as I did on Sunday.

I receive the official certificate in the mail in the next week, and should also be included in the 2018 Guinness World Record book. For the meantime though, you can read through all the records set at VMLM 2017.

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