parkrun PB training: Week 2

My main goal for the last part of the year is to take down my parkrun Bois de Boulogne course best of 20:58, which I ran back in January 2018. It was the first time I raced the course, but since then I haven’t come close. If everything were to go amazingly, the stretch goal is to beat my overall parkrun/5km PB of 20:45, set at Mile End parkrun in July 2016.

For some reason I get immense satisfaction from following a plan to the tee. I’ve heard this is true for many other runners: perhaps it stems from less stress of having to juggle and shuffle workouts day-by-day. All I know is that I feel successful when I can tick off that day’s box – and I did so for 5/7 days this week, a huge improvement on last week! So aside from the training continuing well, I am satisfied just for that one little achievement.


Upper body strength in the AM and then the easy run-commute home from work with a podcast in the PM.
6.5km – 35:20 – 5:26/km – 146bpm


This week’s #tracktuesday was 8x200m, which honestly felt so manageable and short – I bossed those intervals! I had expected it would take me weeks to hit ~40sec for 200m, but I split 40, 40, 38, 40, 40, 39, 39, 40 – super consistent and damn fast giiiiirl ?
7km – 36:44 – 5:15/km – 155bpm


Lower body gym session at a different gym, which was so small that a) there were only half the machines than my normal gym, and b) they were all being used, all the time! Did a lot of free-weights instead, and then squeezed myself into the tiny piece of leftover floor-space to do core.


Swapped for Friday’s rest day, just feeling tired after 5 days in a row. The build is a process.


Up early-doors to fit in Thursday’s tempo run: a very slight increase from last week to do 10min WU, 5min steady, 4min faster, 4min fast, back to 4min faster, 5min steady, 10min CD. Focused just on doing each section, but took a breather during and after the fastest section (oops). Not super smooth, but it got done. + cycle-commute.
8.3km – 42:34 – 5:08/km – 164bpm


Fast run (attempt) done before Run Directing at parkrun. Was super choppy – started too fast and then let my head get the better of me again and again and again. But I did at least keep going and finished what I set out to do.
7km – 32:17 – 4:36/km – 163bpm


Met up with our mate Thomas and ran with him and Sye along the banks of the Seine. He has become quite a rapid runner, and was pushing the pace. While I found that it felt a bit difficult, I was still managing to keep up the conversation without too much issue so I just kept going! Sye let us go after a while, but the two of us continued and chatted the whole way home. Brilliant fun, and a reminder of how running with others makes things feel so much easier!
15km – 1:17:29 – 5:10/km – 156bpm

Total: 43.8km

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