parkrun PB training: Weeks 4-6

My main goal for the last part of the year is to take down my parkrun Bois de Boulogne course best of 20:58, which I ran back in January 2018. It was the first time I raced the course, but since then I haven’t come close. If everything were to go amazingly, the stretch goal is to beat my overall parkrun/5km PB of 20:45, set at Mile End parkrun in July 2016.

Week 4:

Just five days back in Paris after our trip to Barcelona before we set off again (to a similar part of the world… oops!) for a 9-day holiday in Provence (south of France). I got in a great track session and a brilliant long run in Marseille, along the gorgeous blue coastal water mmmmm ?but also had an awful longer-interval session and tempo run. Win some, lose some.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6x400m [1:27, 1:27, 1:27, 1:29, 1:28, 1:27!!], 7.6km total
Wednesday: Run-commute, 7.5km
Thursday: 1km intervals, or more like 1km, 300m, 600m, 500m, 150m ?, 400m. 9.2km total
Friday: Body Pump!
Saturday: Tempo, again very stop-start, 7.2km.
Sunday: Long run in Marseilles with Sye, nice and slow for 16.1km

Total: 47.6km

Week 5:

Had a gloriously relaxing week in Provence with my parents, which was exactly what I needed after a stressful September with work, and an upcoming stressful month before we leave Paris to move back to Australia (oh yeah, that’s happening). Gave up on any plans of ‘training’ and just chased Strava crowns around where we were staying ?

Monday: Easy 5km with Sye
Tuesday: Attempted early-morning intervals (600m), quickly gave up. 5km
Wednesday: An hour playing tennis!
Thursday: Chill run on some nearby trails (2?), plus a fast uphill effort (?), 10km
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Mapped out all the Strava segments in our village and CR’d them all (6?), 10km + more tennis
Sunday: Final two ? around a 600m lake loop, 3.5km

Total: 33.6km

Week 6:

Back home and not really back to it, at least on the running front. I’m still running, but I threw out my training plan and am more just playing it by ear now. Early runs in the week weren’t great, but then I did have a breakthrough run on Thursday which was quick and smooth and I could just keep going and going. Magic! Also did a ‘test’ parkrun + tourism at Fontainebleau, with good results.

Monday: Run-commute, 6.5km
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Tried intervals on the treadmill ‘for a change’ – with no aircon! Death by sweat, 5.5km
Thursday: Ran and ran and ran and ran for a brilliant 14km WOW
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Fontainebleau parkrun! 21:19 season’s best and 3rd overall ?
Sunday: Easy kms through St Germain forest, 8.5km

Total: 39.5km

I have accepted the fact that while the training was helping me stay sane in September, if I worry about it too much this month then I’m going to go totally insane with the move. So I’m relaxing a bit and not worrying about the fact that my kms have dropped again / I haven’t been to the gym / to the track in forever. It’s also properly winter now, with dark dark mornings that just feel impossible.

I’m quite pleased with the Fontainebleau result, but I’m not sure if I can run another 20 seconds faster on a hilly course (Fontainebleau was flat flat flat) in two weeks time. But you betcha I’m gonna try ?- and then keep trying as we tour around parkruns in Poland/Germany/Italy in November!

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