The best podcasts for your next run

Do you listen to podcasts while running? I’ve recently started to use them as company for my running, particularly as I’m doing a lot of my training alone at the moment. Unlike music, I feel like I’m not cut off from the rest of the world, but they do still provide some interest (and distraction!) during a run.

Here are a few of my favourite podcasts which you could listen to while out for a run. And no – they’re not all about running!

No Such Thing as a Fish

Four people, four random facts: that’s the premise of No Such Thing as a Fish by the research team behind QI. It’s a fascinating way to discover new tidbits of information which you may never have known previously. And you won’t just learn four new things: the creators cleverly intertwine lots of fun facts together to produce highly engaging content which is presented with just the right amount of humour. Oh and the name comes from a fun fact itself: there’s no such thing as a fish, most sea creatures are not actually closely related to one another and therefore the collective term ‘fish’ is technically incorrect.

The Weekly Word

Chris Hauth who hosts The Weekly Word is an ultra-endurance coach, and his podcast is all about his thoughts on strategy and approach to training. It’s mostly just him talking, so I’ve found that you need to be in the right frame of mind to listen to it, but his advice is sound. We often go through times when we question our training or feel like we aren’t doing the right things to achieve our goal. Chris neatly outlines what, why and when we should be using different approaches, covering training, nutrition, rest etc.. His podcast isn’t just about running, but gives advice which can be applied for all types of endurance sports.

Coffee Break French

OK, so this probably isn’t the best podcast to listen to while running because it’s very interactive, but seeing as I’m currently learning french, I had to include it on the list! The ‘Coffee Break’ series by Radio Lingua delivers ~20min episodes of language learning, meaning they are easily digestible. The format is of a teacher and student, and they leave a pause for you to repeat each phrase. I found that they were a great way to learn how to speak a language (as opposed to read or write it), especially if you want some basics before travelling. I’ve only tried Coffee Break French, but there is also Coffee Break German, Coffee Break Italian, Coffee Break Spanish, etc. etc. etc..

My Dad Wrote a Porno

If you haven’t heard this podcast yet, stop reading this post and download it now! My Dad Wrote a Porno is exactly what the title suggests – a guy discovered his Dad wrote a ‘dirty book’ and so gathered up two of his friends and they read it out chapter by chapter. Not only is Belinda Blinked (the book) hilarious in it’s serious/ridiculous writing, but the jokes made by the team adds to the hilarity. Just make sure to listen to this with headphones on, because it is definitely not safe for public consumption. Also, be prepared for strange looks as passers-by wonder why you’re furiously giggling to yourself!

Marathon Talk

With 400+ episodes, the weekly Marathon Talk podcast has been running for longer than I have! Each week, Martin Yelling and Tom Williams chat about the latest running news, training tips and feature an interview with an elite athlete. In amongst all that, the podcast has also become very interactive with listeners sending in kit photos, run reviews and race results which are mentioned on the show. One of my favourite sections is the ‘listener podium’ where you can send in your marathon time from the weekend and see how you stack up against other runners. I once topped the podium! There is so much great content in this podcast that I could waffle on about but I highly recommend you listen to it. Episodes are usually 1.5-2hrs long, perfect to accompany you on your next long run.

Do you have any other podcast recommendations?

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