The end of the February rollercoaster

Eugh, what was that month! I feel like every training recap I wrote went something along the lines of ‘well, this week wasn’t great’. Most weeks I didn’t hit the goals I set myself, and towards the end of the month I’ve been quitting on sessions more and more. Eugh. However, in amongst all that I did have some great runs which slightly made up for the worse ones, so it can only be described as a rollercoaster of a month. Or perhaps I should liken it to an undulating race route which you’re expecting to be flat…

In February, I ran 358.8km and climbed 4492m, which is pretty much on par with January if you take the days difference into account. I would have liked both of those totals to be higher given that I’ve got some serious events coming up, but I can’t change it now. Here’s what happened this month:

Ran my biggest week of distance ever

I finally ran a 100km+ week, and it felt good! The one and only other time that I ran more than 100km was in 2016 and I barely scraped over, thanks to a few ~2km runs which got counted in there. This time in my 106.1 kilometres were spread more across the week, which is definitely a more sustainable method. I didn’t manage to hit that distance again afterwards, but I’m sure it’ll happen soon.

It snowed!

The other great thing about my 100km+ week was that most of the running took place in the snow! Snow in Paris is a very rare occurrence, but by Wednesday there was a thick layer covering the city. It was really beautiful and fun to run in (once I got over my hissy fit) and made places that I run every day feel like new. The snow also provided a great backdrop for some very pretty pictures!

Three-hour long runs

Stepped up my long runs this month into the 30’s and ran three ~3-hour long runs. All three were similar distances, and yet completely different circumstances. The first I ran alone while listening to a podcast, during the second I was joined by a friend for an hour crunching through snow, and on the last one an elite ultra-runner took me for a trail exploration. I’m feeling much more comfortable with the distance now, and feel that I have a good base there to build upon.

Visited Provins & London

This month I got to take two day trips and get out of the city a bit. The first one was to the medieval town of Provins, 1.5hrs east of Paris. I went with my friend Genieve and we had such a lovely time discovering the old buildings from the 13th and 14th centuries – oh and eating lots of pastries! I then also spent a whirlwind 10 hours in London, and although I spent most of it in a storage locker I did fit in a run along the Thames which made me very happy.


Got massive FOMO from Trans Gran Canaria

Last weekend a bunch of my friends from London as well as my friend Eleanor from Paris all ran various distances at Trans Gran Canaria. There are distances on offer from 30km to 125km, and seeing them all successfully finish their brutal races made me so proud – and jealous! It’s incredibly technical terrain and a massive challenge which I think will definitely have to be on the calendar next year!

Coming up in March

I am so excited because this month I finally get to RACE again!! The countdown is on until EcoTrail de Paris and it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve lined up for an event. I have no idea how the race will go, but at the same time I think I’m going to have a fabulous day just because of the whole racing atmosphere. This month is also my last month of French class (!) which feels like it’s absolutely flown by 🇫🇷

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