Training: 1-7 Jan

Kicked the new year off with a marathon, but then didn’t quite realise the effect that the race + moving countries would have. It was an emotional rollercoaster of a week. Initially, I had planned to host a ‘Run Camp’ for myself where all I did was eat/sleep/breathe running all week. However, my body wasn’t ready for the volume, and after the first day I was incredibly frustrated that I hadn’t ‘achieved’ anything all day except a little run and some reading. I decided to scrap the idea and focus instead on settling into my new country. It was definitely a good learning experience about the effect that stress (of any type) & change has on your body and mind.



Expected: Neujahrsmarathon
Actual: Survived the marathon despite wanting to sleep the whole time
[42.2km, 4:22:37, 6:11/km, 150bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Gorgeous, easy run/walk in the forest near where we’re staying


Expected: Yoga + 45min HR run
Actual: 20min yoga in the morning to ease the muscles. Easy run by heart-rate around the local area, aiming for 145bpm average. Later did some strength-testing as a benchmark for progress further down the line.
[7.2km, 44:01, 6:06/km, 145bpm]


Expected: 8km tempo run + Strength (legs, core, calves) + Easy run
Actual: Shoddy stop-start tempo (at ~4:35/km) because I was going too fast / I just stop whenever it gets a little bit hard. Really need to stop that because it’s a) not accurate data & b) not the point of the run. Later did 3 sets of strength but skipped the second run.
[12km, 1:00:36, 5:03/km, 156bpm]


Expected: Strength (glutes, core, calves) + Easy run + Hills
Actual: After sleeping in every morning I made it out for an easy run to the Seine with Sye, and then after lunch headed to the Buttes Chaumont for a second, more hilly run. Skipped the strength work.
[6.0km, 37:02, 6:10/km, 144bpm + 6.0km, 34:08, 5:41/km, 145bpm]


Expected: Long run including parkrun, full-body strength
Actual: Cancelled everything and went for a swim instead.
[1000m swimming]


Expected: Yoga
Actual: A joy-inducing trail-run where I just got lost and found happiness in amongst all the climbs. Bliss!
[7.5km, 50:42, 6:42/km, 157bpm]

Three good things for this week

  1. I switched out coffee for tea the whole week, or chose a decaf option.
  2. My nutrition was great for the first five days
  3. I ran a marathon in the middle of the night and then still managed to clock another 40km in the rest of the week.

Three things to improve on

  1. Had a cheat day on Saturday (only 6 days into the year!) which included sharing in two bottles of wine with friends. Probably could have avoided that…
  2. Getting frustrated at myself for skipping/changing runs
  3. Stopping all the time during my runs to take photos or just have a breather. Need to be more consistent
Total kilometres: ~85km

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