Training: 1-7 Oct

Race week! Flew out to Chicago on Wednesday, then proceeded to get super excited about the marathon while also trying to stay chill. It was a difficult balance to maintain! Great to catch up with some London friends who were also there for the race, have a holiday and race!



Expected: Rest day
Actual: Mum’s last day in Paris, we made a pizza.


Expected: 10min WU, then 3x 3mins @ threshold off 60sec recovery, 10min CD
Actual: Ran with Sye as he wanted to do a short/easy run, and in the middle I fit in my intervals, sprinting away from him down the road. They felt harder than they were fast, and I couldn’t find that nice ‘smooth’ I’ve had recently. Reps (per 3min): 4:30/km, 4:30/km, 4:18/km.
[6.3km, 33:22, 5:16/km, 154bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Long day as I flew to CHI, and thanks to the timezone we took off at 12pm but landed at 2pm. Pretty tired but walked to Humboldt Park and sat by the pretty lake there for a while.


Expected: 40min easy run
Actual: My AirBnB was close to the ‘606 trail’, which is a converted railway line that is now open for pedestrians and cyclists. Ran to one end and back before getting breakfast and coffee. The rest of the day was spent walking (over 24km!) around Chicago, going up the tallest building, visiting the Bean and Navy Pier.
[7.5km, 41:10, 5:29/km, 156bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Met up with my friend Heidi from London and we went and picked up our bibs together. There was lots of excitement from being at the expo, then afterwards we visited Nike Chicago for a meditation session & exhibition of famous female runners. Got a mantra written on my arm, to remind me to ‘give it everything’.


Expected: 20min easy run + strides
Actual: Mario Fraioli (of the Morning Shakeout newsletter & podcast) was hosting a shakeout run with Tracksmith, so I went along. Met some nice girls from different parts of the USA, and then squeezed in my strides while trying not to separate from the group too much. Mario was really nice to talk to afterwards too. Rest of the day was filled with art, eating & trying to keep calm ahead of the race.
[5km, 27:19, 5:24/km, 155bpm]


Expected: Chicago Marathon!
Actual: Race day! Had been aiming for this race for almost a year, so now it was time to go for it. Set out with the intention of having fun & running sub-3:20, but couldn’t quite get my pacing right. You can read all the details in my Chicago Marathon race report; in short: ran too fast 10-20km, and then couldn’t maintain the pace in the last 12km but still held on enough for a 3min PB. And I did have fun along the way, so – success!
[42.2km, 3:25:45, 4:53/km, 164bpm]

Total kilometres: 61km

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