Training: 10-16 Dec

Full week in Australia and my training has suffered greatly in the heat and humidity. Essentially, my entire plan to start training has been put on hold until I get back to Europe in January because it will take too long to adjust to these conditions. It’s been a struggle to get sessions done and I’ve cut most runs short, but at the same time it is lovely to be back home, spend time with my parents and relax.



Expected: Rest day or easy run
Actual: Very muggy easy run along Brisbane Waters in Kincumber with Sye. Drip drip drip ?
[5.3km, 30:01, 5:39/km, 152bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, then 10x 1:30 at 85-90% effort off 60sec recovery, 10min CD
Actual: Went to the flattest road in Copacabana (where my parents live) and it turned out to have a little incline in it, which I hit on every even ‘back’ interval. Was already doing half the recoveries as walks but after 6x 90sec I had to cut the interval down to 60sec. Pace at sub-4:00/km for the ‘out’s and ~4:15 for the ‘back’s. Walked back up the hill home, hence slow average pace.
[7.7km, 46:19, 6:02/km, 157bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: 30mins of conditioning in my makeshift ‘gym’ in the garage. Found some old weights and a yoga mat, and with that could just about remember my way through a Body Pump routine.


Expected: 10min WU, then 3x6min @ threshold (undulating terrain) off 90sec, 10min CD
Actual: Not good at all. Managed the first 6mins (mostly downhill), took the second as 1min, 1min, 4mins (last section much flatter), and then couldn’t do the third. The hills, heat and 70% humidity are just too much at the moment. Couldn’t even easy run home, I had to walk back.
[5.7km, 30:04, 5:17/km, 157bpm]


Expected: 30min easy run + strides
Actual: 4x30sec strides in the middle of this run and by the end again I was an exhausted puddle. Even easy isn’t easy at the moment.
[6km, 34:32, 5:44/km, 149bpm]


Expected: parkrun
Actual: Met up with the lovely Mitch & Eddie McDonough (from Hamburg Marathon fame) + fam for the most wonderful day. Started out with Lake Macquarie parkrun where despite the heat and week’s training I managed a 22:34 for 4th female, which I’m quite happy with. Then later we went kayaking and for a little dip in the lake. Bliss!
[5km, 22:34, 4:29/km + 2.2km, 13:31, 6:11/km, 116bpm (cooldown)]


Expected: 60min easy run
Actual: Took Sye along to visit my old long-run route from Gosford to Woy Woy. We only managed a section before heading back, but were very glad for the water stops along the way! Felt pretty good, but the hour was plenty.
[10.7km, 1:00:01, 5:36/km, 161bpm]

Total kilometres: 42.6km 

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