Training: 10-16 Sept

In the week leading up to Oslo, I cut back my running in a mini-taper ahead of the race. The week started out with a(nother!) great threshold session, and then finished on the high of the marathon, but in between there wasn’t much running to be done. Unfortunately on Friday I had started to pick up a cold which escalated over the weekend, so hoping that clears up soon.



Expected: 30min recovery run + 20min conditioning
Actual: Morning conditioning with one of the Algarve videos, and then I took a longer run-commute home to make up for some of the missed kilometres from the day before. Noticing a bit of a niggle in my calf/shin/ankle, so need to keep an eye on it.
[10.6km, 1:00:08, 5:40/km, 145bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, then 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1mins @ threshold off 60sec jog recover, 10min CD
Actual: Discovered that I can create a flatter loop in the park I ‘undulating’ normally do threshold in, and I think that made a big difference today. Had my mind set on hitting 4:26/km and although my splits ended up being a bit all over the place, it was around-about the correct speed. Felt great to smash that out in the morning. Rep paces: 4:27/km, 4:24/km, 4:19/km, 4:29/km, 4:14/km, 4:24/km.
[8.5km, 46:01, 5:24/km, 155bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Felt a bit guilty for not doing anything, but reminded myself of the race coming up & appreciated the day off.


Expected: 40min easy run
Actual: Bit of yoga with Sye in the morning, and then a standard post-work-pre-French-class easy run. Honestly can barely remember any details of this run, it was that easy. Think I was listening to the Marathon Talk podcast.
[6.6km, 40:30, 6:06/km, 137bpm]


Expected: 20mins easy + strides
Actual: Hello Oslo! We flew in early-afternoon, and after getting some Norwegian charcuterie for lunch, headed out for an exploratory run. I kept stopping to take photos of everything we saw, and we ended up looping back on ourselves a bit because the city is so small, but it was a great way to see some of the sights. Threw in 4x30sec strides in the middle, then went to pick up my bib.
[5.2km, 30:24, 5:53/km, 132bpm]


Expected: Oslo Marathon
Actual: Only realised the day before that the course was two laps, and also didn’t realise that there would be over 500m of elevation! Also woke up with a sore throat and blocked nose, so honestly this could have gone very badly. Instead though, I had a brilliant run, and executed pretty perfectly on the plan of running 10km easy, ~20km at MP (ended up as ~23km), and then finishing easy again. Somehow came away with my 2nd fastest marathon time… the report is coming soon!
[42km, 3:31:22, 5:02/km, 167bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Legs feel pretty good post-marathon, but the rest of me is being hit more and more by this cold. We do a bit of sight-seeing while I get over-excited by Kipchoge’s WR in Berlin, and eventually fly home to bed ?

Total kilometres: 72.9km

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