Training: 11-17 Dec

It’s so close to Christmas and the end of the year! On one hand I can’t quite believe how quickly it went, and on the other hand so much has happened this year that I can’t quite believe it’s only been 365 days. This week was Week 2 of Advent Running, and I’ve been able to keep up my streak despite flying back to London & dealing with jet lag. I haven’t been able to do much other than run, but I’m very happy with a solid week of kilometres.

Monday: Easy run

Left my run too late by which time it was too hot to do the hills session I was hoping to do. Instead I just went for an easy pootle around Copacabana and then had a goodbye barbeque with my parents.

Tuesday: Farewell run with hill CR

Early wake-up to beat the heat (unlike Monday) with one goal in mind: set a new course record for the nasty Copa hill – or at least PB it. Did a very gentle run to warm up and then blazed up the hill. It was brutal, it hurt BUT I GOT IT 👊

Celebrated by jogging back down to the beach and having a final dip in the ocean before packing my bags and flying back to LDN 🇬🇧

Wednesday: Shake out run

Although we left Sydney on Tuesday afternoon, due to the time difference we arrived on Wednesday morning so I didn’t officially miss a day of Advent Running. Left my run until the evening when I went on a very uninspiring route around Little Venice where we’re staying. Hopefully will find better places to run during the day soon.

Thursday: Mid-long run

With nothing to do all day (what luxury!) I headed to Fulham to run for as long as I felt like… which ended up being to Chiswick and back, or ~17km. Not bad for a random Thursday! It was cold but with some sunshine, and it was very pleasant following the Thames along my old route. It’s quite amazing what a difference the temperature can make: in Australia I was often struggling to get through 5km but on this run it flew by.

Friday: Adidas Runners fartlek session

Up early to join the Adidas Runners for their last session of 2017. It was cold, dark and raining, and I’m super proud of myself for getting up and out. We did a ‘high-fives’ fartlek session, where we paired up and ran in opposite directions to one another back & forth along a stretch of pavement. Every time you pass your partner, you high-five and change speed from slow to fast. At one point a girl slipped over in front of me and hurt her ankle 😟 She was looked after and seemed fine at the end. Other than that the session was really fun, and I found I was running faster than I thought I was (always good).

Saturday: Hampstead Heath parkrun

Wanted to go to Ally Pally parkrun but had to turn back for my barcode (argh!) which meant I didn’t have enough time to get across town. Instead I went back to Hampstead Heath, where I was treated with some very icy conditions and nearly fell over myself. It was 0degrees – a far cry from summer in Australia a few days earlier! After parkrun I ran another 4.5km to meet Sye for a coffee in Maida Vale.

Sunday: Long(ish) run

It was a miserable day and I really didn’t want to run. Decided to go to Kew Gardens with the hope that that would be a pretty place to run, but didn’t realise you had to pay to get in! Rather than fork out the £19 I headed along the Thames again, this time towards Hampton Court. It was very muddy underfoot and quickly my shoes were covered in muck.

Stupidly I hadn’t eaten lunch before heading out, and after 9km I started to feel really hungry. I made it to 14km before realising that I really needed some food, so left my route to duck into a nearby Sainsbury’s. When I got out the icy rain had set in, and it wasn’t long before I called it quits on the run and took the train back home, shivering the whole way. I had wanted to do 25km and only managed 17km, but it was the right choice for me given the conditions.

Total kilometres: 69.1km

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