Training: 11-17 June

These weeks are flying by, and yet it also feels like things that happened just a few weeks ago are from another lifetime. For example, was it really only a month ago that I ran 50 miles? So much has happened since then. Anyway – the training continues. This week was my last week of cramming for the 2km open water swim on Sunday, which meant extra swims on top of normal running sessions. Never made it to the gym for a second workout though, which I was a bit annoyed about. However, the World Cup started & we had guests, so sometimes life just gets in the way.



Expected: 20-30min conditioning
Actual: Morning gym session doing lower body work. Wanted to go for a run with my new headphones later but it started storming so I stayed inside.


Expected: Adidas Runners 10km @ 6:00
Actual: Swam 1375m in the morning which was entirely due to getting kicked out of the pool with 25m of cooldown to go… That session was 5x200m on a 4:30 cycle, during which I learned that 2:00/100m pace for me nowadays is no longer easy pace 😞 Had such a blast at the Adidas Runners session though, met some lovely girls and spent most of it chatting. Towards the end there was a chance to run off faster, so I took it 😉
[10.4km, 58:25, 5:39/km, 143bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, 6x3min @ threshold with 75sec recovery, 10min CD
Actual: YES! Another threshold session in the bag without stopping/dying! Ran out & back along the petite ceinture and interestingly all the ‘out’ intervals were faster than the ‘back’ ones. Really tried to give it my all on the 5th rep which resulted in a 4:07/km pace – whoopee 🎉 Reps: 4:13/km, 4:19/km, 4:11/km, 4:24/km, 4:07/km, 4:27/km
[9.1km, 50:01, 5:28/km, 162bpm]


Expected: 40min easy cross training
Actual: Last swim before the event, so I just swam continuously to see how far I could get in 40min. Ended up as 1.8km which is slower than I had hoped for the event, but it’s always different in a swimming pool with people in the way/having to turn every 25m.


Expected: Rest
Actual: Did a 30min easy run in the morning and jeez I was stiff and creaky. Went with Sye for the first 10min and was happy when he left to run more because I just needed to slow down and go at my own pace.
[5.1km, 30:05, 5:54/km, 153bpm]


Expected: 15min easy, 15min steady, 15min easy
Actual: I tell you what, it’s really satisfying to have a weekend run done by 9:30am! Sye’s sister came to visit for the weekend, which meant getting up early to run before they arrived. This run really flowed, and I found that I could easily hold steady pace without too much mental effort. Listened to a podcast in my new Urbanista Boston headphones (review to come soon!) which probably helped to distract me.
[8.8km, 47:57, 5:27/km, 158bpm]


Expected: 75min easy run (+ 2km Open Water Swim event)
Actual: So I may not have told Coach about the swim… (oops), which meant I still wanted/needed to get in the easy run beforehand. Was a bit slow and stiff to start, but this eased by the time I got to the Bois de Boulogne. There’s a loop there which you just fly along – and then it’s nicely downhill back home 😄 Stopped off at the pool on the way back to pick up my pull buoy, so spent the last 15min running with a piece of foam in my hand – must have looked funny!
The swim later on in the afternoon went well, although there was so much plant-life in the water which you had to fight through at times. Will write a more thorough race report later in the week, but I really enjoyed being in the water and am satisfied with my result.
[13.7km, 1:16:04, 5:33/km, 154bpm]

Total kilometres: 47.1km running, ~5.2km swimming

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