Training: 12-18 Feb

You know what they say about the best laid plans… This week certainly didn’t follow one. I had set myself the target to aim for vert instead of distance: 1800m+ over the week. It was going OK until I started job-hunting and suddenly all my time and energy disappeared. Eugh. Lowest kilometres all year. I guess I’ll just count this week as a cut-back and try again next time.



Expected: Strength (lower) + 3x1600m intervals with 800 jog recovery
Actual: Deadlifts and lunges on the agenda for the morning, and then headed to the track. Covered up my watch and ran the intervals on feel, with the result that the reps were a bit slower, but felt much more controlled and I finally did the whole set without stopping! Reps: 6:51, 6:51, 6:56.
[12.6km, 1:05:51, 5:14/km, 155bpm]


Expected: Yoga class + Adidas Runners 12km @ 4:45
Actual: Had such bad DOMs from strength training on Monday but still pushed myself to run with the all-boys fast Adidas group. At first it was fairly intimidating but I relaxed into it and by the end it was really fun. Definitely a great way to get some faster running done in a social environment.
[12.8km, 1:01:35, 4:47/km, 160bpm]


Expected: Valentines Day workout
Actual: Sye and I made up a cute routine and did a few sets of it together before I headed off for a long day at school. I didn’t find it particularly strenuous, but for my ‘running rest’ day of the week, this day was not very restful in amongst class, phone calls in French etc.


Expected: Hilly run with Eleanor + Strength (lower) + run-commute
Actual: While running last weekend Eleanor & I had been chatting about the hilly Buttes Chaumont park and so this week made a rendez-vous to check it out. We probably ran every single path in that park, no hill was left untouched. For a tiny park, our 250m+ was quite impressive! It was also conveniently near a branch of my gym so did an upper body session, but didn’t fit in the run-commute.
[8km, 49:52, 6:14/km, 152bpm]


Expected: 6x hill loop
Actual: While searching Strava for some hills near me I discovered a ~1.2km loop which gave a decent 50m+ elevation. It turned out to be stairs on the way down and section of flat and then a dirt path back up. Was just the right distance to recover between efforts.
[14.4km, 1:31:09, 6:19/km, 150bpm]


Expected: Volunteering at parkrun + 3.5hr long run with 2nd hour & last 30min faster
Actual: Sye ran while I volunteered, and finished in his 2nd fastest time! My run didn’t happen until the afternoon, when I tried to run the entire trail section of the ETdP. However, I forgot to have lunch beforehand and 1:45 into the run I was at a real low for energy and decided to cut it short. Was disappointed but also didn’t have the energy to care.
[21.8km, 2:17:03, 6:17/km, 148bpm]


Expected: 2hr trail run
Actual: Celebratory brunch in the morning for a friend’s birthday, then after digesting ran a short progression session. Haven’t done one of these in ages: 10min easy (~5:25/km), 10min steady (~4:55/km), 10min hard (~4:35/km). Somehow didn’t get stopped by any traffic lights but did get whistled out of the park I was running in because it was closing.
[6.4km, 32:07, 4:59/km, 153bpm]

Three good things for this week

  1. Pushing myself at Adidas Runners on Tuesday was tough but great
  2. Finishing an entire intervals session without stopping 🙌
  3. I ate at a lot of delicious restaurants mmmm

Three things to improve on

  1. PRIORITISATION. If I leave my runs until later in the day, I run out of time/motivation. Just need to get them done first thing.
  2. Continuing with the hills. Even the little bit that I did this week did seem to help, I just need to keep adding to that
  3. I took on far too much all at once this week with regards to job-hunting, I need to manage my energies better.
Total kilometres: 76.1km, 1486m+

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