Training: 12-18 Nov

Thanks to an easy/slow Athens Marathon, I didn’t have too much recovering to do this week physically. The week was still fairly light, but by the weekend I was itching to get in some kilometres, so went above & beyond my training plan – and it felt great! Argh, I’m so ready to kick off again…! In other news, I’m still going to Body Pump, fit in a swim and generally spent the rest of the time lamenting the onset of winter.



Expected: Rest day
Actual: I jam-packed our last morning full of activities while Sye had a sleep-in. It was exactly how I love to travel, hopping from sight to sight! He did then join me for a visit to the Acropolis and a delicious meal of gyros before heading back to Paris.


Expected: 20-30mins conditioning work
Actual: 30mins of morning yoga, getting the marathon kinks out of my system, and then it was back to Body Pump in the evening. After being shocked that the routine is the same each time, now they’ve started to change it & I’m missing my favourite songs! 😩


Expected: 30min recovery run + stretch
Actual: Back to the run-commute which is just so enjoyable – podcast in my ears & I can just switch off. Did the classic ‘Yoga for Runners’ session in the early morning too.
[6.6km, 37:49, 5:46/km, 145bpm]


Expected: 20-30mins conditioning work
Actual: Sye had promised me he’d come try out Body Pump, but got stuck late at work so it was just me back in the sweat-box. I’ve upped my weights for an extra-nice burn mmm


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Headed to the pool for 1400m early doors. Pleased with how I’ve been slowly building up in distance, now at 2x400m + 200m as the main set. Not sure exactly where this is headed, but I have booked in for the London Triathlon in 2019 so it will be good to have a base! Set out for an easy run in the evening but then my podcast finished, so I found the Body Pump playlist… safe to say it wasn’t entirely ‘easy’ after that! The music is so ‘pumping’ that I naturally found myself going faster – ending as a very happy, sweaty mess.
[6km, 32:33, 5:25/km, 160bpm]


Expected: 10mins easy, 10mins steady, 10mins easy
Actual: Fit bits of running in around morning activities. Started by running to parkrun volunteering, which I found difficult thanks to the fact that I was still largely asleep. After freezing my fingers off from standing around for an hour I ran my session around the Bois de Boulogne, and was pleased to come away with a 4:32/km avg pace for the 10mins steady. Finally, after brunch with my friend Divya I ran a very slow & stitch-plagued 10mins home.
[5km, 28:01, 5:35/km, 162bpm + 9km, 31:12, 5:15/km, 160bpm + 1.6km, 10:00, 6:03/km, 138bpm]


Expected: 60min easy run
Actual: There was a half-marathon being run near us, so I planned the run route to be able to cheer a bit. Sye joined me for the first bit, but didn’t want to spectate so I ran on the closed roads (in the opposite direction to the runners) alone. Question: does that count as bandit-ing? (I hope not.) Messed up which bridge I was meant to turn back on & ended up way further down the Seine than I expected oops!
[13km, 1:10:40, 5:25/km, 159bpm]

Total kilometres: 38.2km 

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