Training 13-19 Feb

With back-to-back speedier runs on Wed & Thurs, this week felt tough. But, it was still good to lay down a solid week of training before heading into Cambridge Boundary Run and Barcelona marathons over the next few weekends.

Monday – Gym

Another Legs & Cardio workout to kick off the week, a repeat of week 4 because I didn’t manage to do many sessions last week. Definitely feelings stronger, although trying to carve out a spot to skip in at the gym on a busy evening is quite difficult!

Tuesday – Easy Valentines Day run

Prioritised my relationship over track today and went for an easy run with Sye around East London. It was the right decision, we had a lovely time chatting and running, and then went home to cook pasta and eat dessert. Yum!

Tried out drawing a symbol with my run for the first time ever, I think it turned out alright!

Wednesday – Gym + Progression run

In between two doctor’s appointments (including one to get my Paris Marathon medical certificate done) I snuck off to the gym for an Arms and Abs session. Despite the week off arm-work last week, the commandos in the set were easier to complete than the last time I tried.

Took my progression run along the Thames in the evening, which I normally don’t do because I find it too dark and easy to trip up. 45 minute run with 15 mins easy, 15 mins steady, and 15 mins hard. I was clearly itching to run faster, because the easy part was already hovering around 5:15. For the steady section, I focussed on just increasing the pace slightly, and then sticking bang on 5:00s. Was super happy that every time I looked at my watch it read correctly, and I was able to feel when I pushed slightly too fast. In the last 15mins I then just let loose a bit and came home with a massive smile on my face 😁

First run in my new Supernovas thanks to Adidas Eyewear

Thursday – Long Intervals

My legs didn’t agree too much with running a second hard session back-to-back, they felt really stiff and tight during the warmup. This morning’s set was 3x10min @ 10k pace (4:20-4:30) off 3min very easy. I couldn’t hit the target pace today, and had to slow it up a bit on each rep.

Rep 1: 2.15km (4:39/km)
Rep 2: 2.12km (4:43/km)
Rep 3: 2.10km (4:46/km)

Friday – Stretching

Gym session was replaced by stretching and foam rolling after my legs were still complaining about the two previous days sessions. Caught up on some German Runner’s World too.

Fun fact: only 23% of people upload their runs to social media 😱 think of all those untracked Strava runs!

Saturday – parkrun + Swim

For this week’s edition of London parkrun tourism I headed up to Hackney Marshes parkrun. This one is only 4km from where I used to live, and yet I never made it up there! Despite the alternate course this week it was still an incredibly flat route (2m total elevation change) and a really nice run through the marshes. I went for a ‘fast, but not too fast’ pace to finish in 23:44 whereas Sye set a London parkrun PB in an (unofficial) 26:04!

Finally jumped back into the pool for a lunchtime swim, the first one for 2017. I’d been neglecting my swimming over the winter months, but really enjoyed the laps and discovering that I can still swim even after a few months off! Ended with 1km and the desire to do more, so I’ll likely be back in the water again next week.

Sunday – Long Run

90 mins ‘very easy’ was on the plan, so I joined Sye for his 19km long run this week. We set off a little late in the afternoon and finished when it was already dark, which could have been avoided. Followed the Regent’s Canal from East London to Paddington, and I was very happy to find my way through the awkward sections around Angel and Camden, even though I’ve previously always run with a group and usually in the opposite direction. Took my cheerleading pompoms along to test how they would fare come London Marathon. I can confirm that they’re annoying and make your hands really sweaty, but it was good practice and ultimately weren’t as bad as I thought they could be.

Pausing at Camden Market (omg the food smelt so good but we had to keep running it was torture!)

Total kilometres: 51.9km

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