Training: 13-19 Nov

As this week went along I had to accept that training + moving countries doesn’t work too well. Everything is hectic in amongst all the farewells and packing and organising things that there isn’t much time left for running – nor the mental headspace to even think about ‘training’ for a specific goal. This was my last week at my job in London and we leave the city on Wednesday, so there really isn’t much time left.

Monday: Strength (lower) + Run

No wonder I dread the kettlebell workout that I did this morning – it makes my leg and glute muscles ache for days afterwards. The feeling kicked in after my 10km run in the evening, which I probably ran slightly too fast as I periodically had to regroup to catch my breath. I really had to force myself to keep running and hit the 10km as I would have gladly gone home much earlier, but I’m glad that I kept going and got it done.

Tuesday: Easy run

Sye joined me for this run around Battersea Park and power station. We created a little two-bridges loop crossing over to the north side of the river, which is a great way to add distance without feeling like you’re just going up and back along the same section of road. I tacked on a few extra kilometres around the park to come home with 12km run (my longest run of the week).

Wednesday: Yoga + Trampolining

My friend Alissa from work has been meaning to join me at yoga for the past few months, and as this was my last week in the office it was high time that we did it together. The teacher Steph made us do some ‘celebratory’ crow poses (for my last session) which I failed at miserably 😂 There are some yoga moves where I just cannot make my highly inflexible body parts copy what the teacher does…

For my work farewell, I’d decided that I didn’t want to go out for drinks but instead that we should go trampolining! It was so much fun jumping around for an hour, and boy did I get sweaty. The hardest thing was definitely crawling out of the foam pit though!

Thursday: Rest

The initial plan was to run hills with my friend Melanie, but I woke up at 5:45am to a text from her saying that her back had seized and she couldn’t move 😕 Running was definitely off the cards for her, and I ended up just sleeping through the whole morning.

I was a bit frustrated with myself at first for having skipped the morning, but in the end it turned out to be a good thing. That evening I went to give blood for the first time, and found out that I was not meant to have done any exercise that day. Good thing I hadn’t! The experience was a bit daunting, but I’ve wanted to give blood for the last ten years or so, so I’m glad I finally got around to doing it!

Friday: Rest

As it turns out, you’re not meant to do any exercise for 24 hours after giving blood – so this became another rest day. It was also my last day at work, where I got incredibly emotional and then rather drunk. I’ve loved working at Founders Factory, and I will miss it a lot.

Saturday: Mile End parkrun farewell

This was our big farewell day, starting with a parkrun celebration in the morning where a whole bunch of my running friends from all over London came together for me. We tried to run together in a big group (somewhat successfully) and had a great time. I’d forgotten how hilly the Mile End course is though! Naturally, I wore head-to-toe orange and even Sye donned an orange tutu! What a trooper ❤️

Sunday: Little run + long swim

Took the new 361° Meraki shoe out for a test run (review coming soon), but only ended up running 2 miles. I probably could have gone further, but my main goal for the day was to go for a 2km swim. I’ve been wanting to swim for weeks now and kept putting it off so it was high time to get in the water. I always find it relaxing and that it helps me process things (eg. leaving London!). I struggled more with my breathing than I would have liked but still got through the 80 laps just before the pool closed. It was a nice way to round out the week.

Total kilometres: 31.2km

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