Training: 15-21 Oct

It was a weird week in terms of headspace – I was simultaneously not running much but also aware that I wanted to try and run well at the half-marathon at the weekend. I kept flip-flopping about what I could/should/would do and probably overdid the thinking a bit. Managed to hold off on too much running but did get a swim in, which I really enjoyed!



Expected: 20-30mins conditioning
Actual: Cycle-commuted to and from work (for some light cardio, and then went to an hour-long yoga class in the evening. This 8pm Monday session is a new discovery, and I really want to try go each week.


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Went along for a session with Adidas Odéon and caught up with some friends who I haven’t seen in a long time. Ran with the 7km @ 6:00/km pace group, and stayed at the front because my legs were feeling pretty good. Bit shocking to have been away for months and now it’s dark (and impossible to take photos) in the evenings again though!
[7.5km, 43:27, 5:48/km]


Expected: 20-30mins conditioning
Actual: Was at the pool by 7:02am (go me!) to swim 1000m. Had such a lovely time being in the water – another thing I’d like to feature again in my training. Still doing 3-mins-a-day of conditioning and felt a twang in my left ankle during a calf-raise which is concerning.


Expected: 10mins easy, 10mins steady, 10mins easy
Actual: Ran along the Seine between work and going to see Daniel Sloss perform comedy on a boat (so good! Check out his Netflix specials). The middle 10mins was harder than I hoped/expected it to be, and afterwards I thought the fast half was over and done with. Forgot to restart Strava after the middle bit so ran an extra cooldown.
[~6.9km, ~38min]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Increased the daily conditioning to 5mins, but otherwise rested.


Expected: 20min easy run + strides
Actual: Headed to parkrun to do this run, and finally ran in my new 100-club tshirt! Chatted to some people for the first loop, then did 5x 30sec strides with a 45sec recovery on the second loop before running easy again on the third. The strides felt really good, and I felt ready to give the race a crack.
[5km, 27:00, 5:27/km, 164bpm]


Expected: Semi de Vincennes (half marathon)
Actual: Considering I ran a marathon PB two weeks ago, it’s pretty damn awesome that I came away with another PB from this race! Very similarly to the marathon I aimed to run sub-1:35 and then my legs slowed in the second half, but I kept pushing rather than giving in. I’ll do a full write-up in the next few days, but overall I’m happy – and definitely done with racing for 2018.
[21km, 1:38:52, 4:42/km, 180bpm]

Total kilometres: 40.4km

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