Training: 16-22 April

Third marathon race week, and a short training recap because not much happened. I got sick with a nasty cold at the start of the week, and didn’t run for four days in the hopes of recovering before London Marathon. It was my birthday week though, which means I’m now officially in a new parkrun age-category 😩


Monday to Thursday

Expected: Rest, Threshold session, Conditioning, Rest
Actual: No running. Monday and Tuesday I was knocked out with this cold, which finally started fading on Wednesday. Did some easy walking through parks because the weather was so glorious, and on Wednesday went for an easy 1000m swim. Better to rest than be sorry.


Expected: Easy run
Actual: MY BIRTHDAY!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Had a lovely day walking through Hyde Park, going to the London Marathon expo (where I met Kathrine Switzer 😍) and then dinner with friends. In between it all my friend Cat took me for an easy run around Alexandra Palace which was absolutely wonderful. It was crazy hot and we walked some hills, but the scenery was gorgeous and I just felt so happy to be alive and out running again! Great way to celebrate turning 25 🎁
[5.5km, 30:44, 5:37/km, 144bpm]


Expected: Easy parkrun
Actual: For my 99th parkrun (!) I visited Clapham Common parkrun, who are a new event in London. I threw in 4 or 5 strides over the two-lap course, and found that the ‘easy’ pace I returned to each time was actually faster than I thought it was. It’s a decent course, and I think with some time the event will settle and be great.
[5km, 25:41, 5:09/km, 164bpm]


Expected: London Marathon
Actual: Originally was going to race London, but after the cold and with scorching temperatures we had decided that this would be a party-pace race. As it turned out, I lost my friends by Mile 10, pushed myself through to 29km and then start walking, ready to give up entirely. Thankfully a friend ran up and she got me around to 36km, after which I could run-walk to the end in under 4 hours. Spent the whole time running with a bottle, pouring water over my arms, face, head, wrists – everywhere. A hard fought, mentally draining race.
[42.6km, 3:55:33, 5:31/km, 167bpm]

Three good things for this week

  1. Getting that sub-4 at London Marathon, even though I really didn’t want to at all.
  2. Amazing celebrations and running on my birthday, I felt loved and like I made the most of my day
  3. Recognising that I was sick and needed to rest, rather than pushing through. Also, adjusting my expectations without putting up a fight

Three things to improve on

  1. Mental strategies for getting through Hamburg, because I’ve finally realised that this challenge actually is really tough.
  2. I didn’t eat a proper meal until 9pm after the marathon, which is far too late, and also meant I got to bed too late.
  3. Marathoning in the heat – that was my 3rd hot marathon, and every time I’ve blown up at 28-30km.
Total kilometres: 56.9km, 523m+

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