Training 16-22 Jan

What a week! Not one but two races, a 3-day conference, my London-versary and a visit from a training buddy from Sydney; this week was jam-packed full of goodies. It also marked 12 weeks until Paris, and with it the start of a 12-week gym program. I was up early every morning of the week – no wonder I’m ready for a lie-in!

Monday – Gym

Last year I followed the Kayla Itsines ‘Bikini Body Guide’ for twelve weeks and found that I very much liked the 4×7-minute workout structure, as it is intense exercises which are finished fairly quickly. My main issue with the resistance work I tried last week is that it was too difficult to fit in an hour+ time at the gym before work, which is why I’ve switched back to these other workouts. Today was legs and cardio: squats, lunges, burpees, step-ups and more.

Tuesday – Gym & Duathlon

Another Kayla workout in the morning, this time arms and abs, aka the weaker areas of my body. I did successfully manage to do 15 push-ups in a row on my toes (although couldn’t repeat it twice in the 7 minutes oops). Also featured tricep dips, mountain climbers and straight leg sit-ups.

In the evening was the 50th Lee Valley VeloPark Duathlon by Capital Tri. Lots of fun, with a surprisingly faster cycle time than I thought I would manage! 3rd female in the super-sprint distance (1 mile run, 5 mile cycle, 1 mile run)

Wednesday – Easy run

Was treated by a stunning sky on this early morning run, too splendid not to stop for a few minutes and just revel in its beauty. It was a frosty, frozen morning but the easy jog did me wonders, backed up with coffee in bed on my return. 7.4km in 45 minutes before heading to the first day of the NDC London tech conference where I would be speaking on Friday.

Thursday – Beigelrun Londonversary

One year in London! (in truth I mixed up my days a bit and actually celebrated 1-2 days early, but shhhh) I celebrated by joining my lovely Advent Running friends on the traditional early morning beigelrun, whilst wearing an Aussie flag! Starting at the Beigel Bake in Brick Lane the run heads down to the Thames, over Tower Bridge to the east, back west on the south bank to go over Millennium Bridge and then back once more to the Beigel Bake. A great run with lots of photo opportunities and jumping along the way! It had been a while since I had joined in for a beigelrun, so was lovely to run and celebrate with friends.

Friday – Run with Kelly & Gym

My lovely friend Kelly from kellyrunsandeats finished up her incredible trip around Europe with a few days in London, so it was a must that we meet up for a morning jog around Hyde Park! I owe much of my running to Kelly – she encouraged me to go along to my first parkrun and to get involved in the running community back in Sydney, so it was great to catch up with her and tell her about all the amazing running that can be done here in London too. We had a gorgeous time run-chatting our way around the park, and even met some crazy men going for a swim in the frozen Serpentine – without wetsuits!

Friday was also the day that I presented at NDC London, a 45-minute long talk about using the agile methodology to achieve running goals. I spoke well, but after weeks of preparing the presentation and building up to the big day I was emotionally drained afterwards. The solution was to go to the gym and knock out another Kayla workout (Week 1, Day 3: Full Body – push-ups then burpees in a row, ouch!) followed by some stretching and foam rolling to ease the muscles and mind.

Saturday – parkrun (and some marching!)

Third-up on the parkrun tourism of the year was Mile End parkrun. This one, like the first week is a bit of a cop-out because it’s the closest parkrun to my boyfriend’s flat (where I used to live too, before him… long story), and where I’ve run most of my parkruns to date. However, I had met another Aussie runner at the conference who wanted to do a parkrun but not travel too far from where he was staying at the ExCel centre, so Mile End seemed like the perfect choice. He rocked up in his bright pink DZCFKWCRG t-shirt and ran an awesome sub-22min time, whilst complaining about the cold the whole way like a good Australian! I took this one as easy as I could, to save my energy for the 10km race tomorrow.

More importantly though, in the afternoon I participated in the women’s march and walked across London shouting about the need for more equality and less bullshit. It was an incredible afternoon with such spirit, I nearly cried several times.

Sunday – Victoria Park 10km

NEW PB BABY YES YES YES!!! 💪 So unexpected, much happy, such wow 😁

Total kilometres: 50km

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