Training: 16-22 July

Had an emotionally rough start to the week, with a really low point on Wednesday evening. Work had been stressful and although there wasn’t one specific thing that was wrong, my mood was in the pits. On top of that, I had three tough sessions to get through. Tried to take a relaxing weekend which I did enjoy, and hopefully next week will improve.



Expected: 30min recovery run + 20min conditioning
Actual: Lower body at the gym & then run-commute home. Listened to a podcast and it went by pretty quickly
[6.2km, 36:00, 5:47/km, 143bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, then 15x 1min hard, 1min easy starting at 80% and ending at 95%, 10min CD
Actual: Wasn’t keen to do this session, but dragged myself out and it wasn’t so bad. Started a bit slow and felt like I peaked too early, but still managed a decent progression from 4:40>3:52/km pace
[9.5km, 50:01, 5:18/km, 155bpm]


Expected: Rest
Actual: Things came to a head & it was good that this was a rest day. Even ended up having a bath to try and sort stuff out.


Expected: 45min steady run with 1,2,3,2,1mins at 90% off 60sec jog in the middle
Actual: Fit it in between work and French class, and felt like I was already working pretty hard during the steady section. Not quite sure how I found any speed for the pick-ups, but they were faster even if more like threshold pace than 90% 😅
[9.1km, 45:00, 4:58/km, 169bpm]


Expected: 30min recovery run
Actual: Upper body strength at the gym and then did an easy run in the evening. Calves were very very tight
[6km, 34:18, 5:41/km, 153bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, then 6x5min at threshold with 90sec recovery, 10min CD
Actual: Was Tailwalker at parkrun for the first time ever, which was very chatty and fun. Afterwards Sye cycled next to me as I did this session, because I felt I needed the motivation and support. It definitely helped me push through the reps, and although I stopped on the 5th rep for a bit, I pulled it together and finished well. Rep average paces: 4:36/km, 4:24/km, 4:25/km, 4:23/km, 4:27/km, 4:26/km
[11.5km, 1:00:01, 5:13/km, 162bpm]


Expected: 75min long run
Actual: Joined Sye and our friend Thomas for their long run where we ended up in the beautiful Bois de Vincennes. Along the way we saw a long stream of vintage cars – so cool! Ended up running a bit long because we were having fun.
[16.5km, 1:36:18, 5:50/km, 142bpm]

Total kilometres: 58.8km

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