Training: 16-22 Oct

My legs ached quite a bit after Amsterdam Marathon, so this week started with a few rest days. However, it was also the first week of being part of a trial for WILD, which involves following a training plan and being monitored via Strava. It felt strange to be following a spreadsheet again, but by the end of the week I felt I’d started to fall back into the comfort of routine.

Monday: Rest

Started the day by celebrating Amsterdam with Coren and her friends over pancakes in Amsterdam. Then spent the day exploring the city by boat, foot and tram. My highlight of the day was visiting the Banksy & Dali exhibition at the MOCO Museum, which had so many of my favourite prints.

Tuesday: Stretch

Spent half an hour stretching and foam rolling my poor aching legs. They felt worse than they have after any other marathon this year, including Berlin. Another reason to put in more kilometres in the lead up to a marathon.

Wednesday: Strength (upper) + Easy run

Gave the legs one more day and did upper body at the gym. Although I haven’t done any strength work for the past few weeks I was glad to see that I didn’t need to reduce any of my weights.

Sye joined me for the first half of my run in the evening and then I jogged off while he went a little further (it’s funny how the tables have turned). I really enjoyed this run although it was slow, it felt like I’d found my mojo again after three weeks of hiatus.

Thursday: Strength (lower) + Intervals

It’s now so dark in the evening that I couldn’t complete a lap of Battersea Park because there were sections without lamps and I didn’t want to fall over/get abducted. Instead ran the 5x2min on, 2min off back & forth along the Thames river which was well-lit. Was meant to be run at 10km pace but I just ran it ‘hard’ and was pleased that the 2min of rest allowed for adequate recovery between reps. 2km warmup and another ~1.5km cooldown.

Friday: Rest

Tried to get up for a 3rd day of gym in a row but didn’t make it out of bed. It’s extra hard to get up in the morning now that winter is rapidly creeping up & leeching the sunlight away.

Saturday: Maverick Oxfordshire long course

This was my first individual trail race (as opposed to Endure 24) and I was somewhat nervous in the lead-up because I didn’t know what to expect. I had brought my pack and extra layers etc. etc. but in the end left it all behind and just ran. It was so much FUN!!! Spent the two hours frolicking through woods and across fields, clambering over stiles and avoiding getting run over by sheep. It was pure joy and I crossed the line with the biggest grin on my face 😄 Full report to come soon

Sunday: Easy run + Swim

Wanted to tick over 40km for the week so set off for an easy run, but it didn’t turn out to be easy. The first 2-3km I was running straight into a headwind which felt like I was being pushed backwards, and then a short while after that my stomach started getting queasy from the eggs I’d had for breakfast. I don’t have issues with running on any other food, but seeing as this is the second time I’ve had problems after eating eggs I’m just going to avoid them in the future.

1.2km in the pool to round off the week, consisting of 3x200m FC, 100m pull. There were two Aussies in the changing room walking around in budgie-smugglers and it made me realise that it’s only one month until I’m heading home for three weeks! Very excited to spend some time at the beach again ☀️

Total kilometres: 40.2km

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