Training: 17-23 Dec

Merry Christmas / happy holidays to all! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating, and got to spend time with family, however that looks like ❤️

Spent my second week in Australia down south of Sydney with Sye’s family. They also live very close to the beach, and so my training runs took place along a gorgeous coastal path and I finally had a breakthrough/adjusted to the conditions and had some good runs! Also did a lot of relaxing and preparing for Christmas, and it’s been really wonderful.



Expected: Rest day or easy run
Actual: Took the rest day, even if it messes up my Advent Running. We had an early morning and a long drive, and I felt like I needed the break – although we did have time for an ocean dip.


Expected: 10min WU, then 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 at threshold off 60sec recovery, 10min CD
Actual: Managed the 6, 5, and 4min reps along the seafront, but then wanted to try the 3, 2, 1 around a grass park and just couldn’t do it. Not sure if it was the terrain, fitness or my mind, but after a few attempts I couldn’t get them done.
[7.7km, 46:19, 6:02/km, 157bpm]


Expected: 30min recovery run
Actual: Finally a bit of a cooler day, so I took our early Christmas present GoPro out and added a bit of extra time on.
[5.7km, 30:04, 5:17/km, 157bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, then 2x10min @ threshold (undulating terrain) off 120sec, 10min CD
Actual: Finally a good run! Didn’t worry about undulating (although there were some hills) and didn’t worry about ‘threshold’, just ran at a fast pace and got through it. Didn’t have to play any mental games, feels like a turning point. Later went to Bulli beach pool and swam ten laps (~500m).
[5.7km, 30:04, 5:17/km, 157bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Sye wanted to run some hills and I couldn’t resist joining him. He’s got a nasty climb near his place: 120m elevation gain in 1.4km, which is pretty punchy! We ran up it twice, which felt pretty satisfying.
[6km, 34:32, 5:44/km, 149bpm]


Expected: 45min steady undulating run
Actual: Swapped this for parkrun at Shellharbour, named one of the ‘most scenic parkruns in the world’. Unfortunately was a bit grey, but still great to run down a big hill, across a section of beach, and then back up the hill again past a lagoon. Struggled on the hills and varied terrains but managed 5th female. Lovely organisers and volunteers!
[5km, 24:15, 4:29/km, 116bpm]


Expected: 60min easy run
Actual: Forgot to eat properly the day before, so this run started out as a bit of a struggle. Was determined to get 12km done (longest run in Aus) though, so just kept chugging along and it got easier (and faster) as I went.
[10.7km, 1:00:01, 5:36/km, 161bpm]

Total kilometres: 47.2km 

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