Training: 17-23 Sept

The week after a marathon is always a recovery week, and thanks to my lingering cold, it started with a few days of absolutely nothing. I tried to jump back into training mid-week but my body still wasn’t ready which is fine – I have to accept that after a big effort it will take some time to get back to normal. It’s difficult though when I know I don’t have much time until the big Chicago dance! Anyway, I got in one good session and some easy running. The most important thing at the moment is just to keep the legs ticking over.



Expected: 20min conditioning
Actual: Felt like death from my cold, so did a tiny bit of work from home and mostly just sat on the couch and watched TV.


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Still sick but better than Monday. Did a 20min ‘Yoga for when you are feeling sick’ flow, but didn’t run.


Expected: 30min recovery run + stretch
Actual: After three days of no running it was really nice to get outside! Easy run with Sye, and although I still felt a little blocked the cold is now totally manageable.
[6km, 35:05, 5:50/km, 144bpm]


Expected: 20min easy, 20min steady, 20min easy
Actual: Went all gung-ho trying to jump back into training and really pushed myself through this session (wise? perhaps not, on reflection). Ran the 20min steady at 4:41/km average pace, which interestingly started to feel much easier after ~15mins of running.
[11.3km, 1:00:02, 5:18/km, 159bpm]


Expected: 20mins conditioning (body weight)
Actual: Headed to the gym but left the weights alone. Did grab a bosu-ball and tried to use it for some of the one-legged moves (squats, calf raises) but woah it’s really difficult to balance on!


Expected: 45min easy run
Actual: Got some last minute free tickets to Wanderlust festival, which is a ‘mindful triathlon’ of a ~5km run, 60mins of yoga + 30min meditation. Took my friend Divya along and we had a really lovely time getting into a ‘zen’ state, as well as trying out some acro-yoga and balances! The run was super slow and I thought about going out for a second run later on, but in the end decided against it.
[5.2km, 35:01, 6:41/km, 131bpm]


Expected: 120min run, pick up the middle 80mins to Marathon Pace
Actual: I cannot get this run done! It was the big one for the week and I’d been expecting a lot out of it in terms of getting used to marathon pace – but I just felt off all day. I barely wanted to go out and run at all, and then everything was somehow wrong: from clothing to podcast to my brain… I ended up doing just 15mins of MP (very stop-start), crying, and then going home. Just had no energy to run, possibly because I hadn’t eaten right, or possibly because I had put too much pressure on this run, or just because I’m still recovering from Oslo!
[12.8km, 1:10:01, 5:28/km, 148bpm]

Total kilometres: 35.3km

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