Training: 18-24 Sept

Heading into the last few weeks of marathon training and the kilometres are increasing but so is my performance. Tried to ignore that I had a marathon at the end of the week and trained right through. Counting down the days until Amsterdam Marathon became tedious though, and in the end I just went for it. Seems that 8-weeks of intense marathon training was enough!

Monday: Strength (lower) + Easy run

Wrapped up my fifth day of 15+km with two loops around Hyde Park. Ran the first one with Helli, a girl I met through Instagram who just moved to London from Sydney. With all the chatting it flew by, and after she left I set off for loop two. Annoyingly I paused my watch for ~1km of the run so had to do some extra at the end.

Tuesday: Swim + Track

Starting to cut out ‘non-essential’ activities like swimming and yoga because I need the sleep and rest time in amongst all the running. At track in the evening I ran with Group 2, keeping up with the pace of 1:35-1:40/400m. The set was 400, 800, 1200 at the same pace off 1min with 2min between sets. With Berlin in mind I chose to do 800 for the last rep instead of 1200. We slowed in the later sets but I’m still happy with the effort.

Wednesday: Strength + Run-commute

I was doing cable pulls when for the first time I noticed ‘hey – I have muscles in my arms’! That’s a new feeling, and I like it. My body feels lean and strong, the gym work has helped a lot.

Thursday: Tempo-Hills run + Easy run

I had to go up to Bedford for a family event and didn’t quite leave enough time to finish my run before going to the train. The set I wanted to do was based off one that Liz Yelling had suggested on the Marathon Talk podcast the previous week: warmup-tempo-hills-tempo-cooldown. I ran this after breakfast and managed 3.5km tempo and then 6x1min hills before the eggs I’d eaten started churning in my stomach & I called it a day.

Hill reps!

At the event I ate way too much food and went into ‘holiday’ mode instead of sticking with my nutrition. I felt pretty bad about that, but the cakes also tasted really good! I did manage to fit in another little run by asking my family to drop me 5km down the road from where we stayed at night, but then proceeded to eat more food on return 🙊

Friday: Rest

Lots of trains and planes: headed back to London from Bedford and then flew to Berlin in the evening.

Saturday: FrĂĽhstĂĽckslauf

I teamed up with the Adidas Runners London crew for the Berlin marathon, and had thought that the Breakfast Run they were talking about would be a small-ish affair. It actually turned out to be an official marathon event and it felt like half the participants were there! The run took us from Schloss Charlottenburg to the 1936 Olympia Stadium and was a very easy-paced social affair. At the end we were rewarded with fruit, coffee, croissants and Berliners!

Sunday: Berlin Marathon

Originally, this was going to be one last test-run before Amsterdam Marathon to try out my pacing strategy and the mind-control aspect of a marathon. However, the night before I decided that three more weeks of training was probably going to mentally kill me, and that I’d rather just go for my sub-3:30 target now. As I ran I kept in mind that if I achieved my goal, I would finally be able to eat pizza again… and that evening I ate PIZZA! I ended up smashing my goal and ran a 3:28:41, which also qualified me for Boston Marathon 2019. Massive achievement, and so massive celebrations for the rest of the day!

Candid post-race disbelief – I DID IT!!!

Total kilometres: 94.3km

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