Training: 19-25 Feb

Continuing on from last week’s downward spiral, this week was also not great. I found myself unable to do sessions which should have been entirely possible, and that was very frustrating. Felt like I quit a lot. Thankfully the week finished on a high note, so I’m hoping to ride that upward wave into the next training phase.



Expected: 6x800m intervals with 400 jog recovery
Actual: HA. Instead of starting the week on a high note I only ran 2 of these 800s and then gave up and ran easy for a while longer. Probably ran them entirely too fast (3:12, 3:14) and then when I attempted the third one this kid decided to run across in front of me while staring me in the face… it was creepy and I was already at breaking point so that was just enough.
[12.5km, 1:07:05, 5:22/km, 151bpm]


Expected: Strength (lower) + Adidas Runners 10km @ 5:00 then run home
Actual: Gym in the morning but by the time it got to the evening I remembered that I had to be awake at 5am the next morning to catch a train to London, so getting home at 10pm was probably not the best idea. Instead ran the long way home while my calves screamed at me in agony.
[8.3km, 47:27, 5:40/km, 152bpm]


Expected: Optional running in London
Actual: Had 10 hours in London during which I caught up with friends, sorted out the shipping of our remaining possessions to Paris and fit in a few runs. The second one was faster than I had expected, probably due to all the coffee keeping me awake.
[7.5km, 41:17, 5:30/km, 151bpm + 6.6km, 33:38, 5:05/km, 154bpm]


Expected: 2hr run at 5:00/km pace + Strength (upper)
Actual: The biggest fail of the week. Set off at a cracking pace for the run but when I made it to the Seine, less than 2km down my brain just completely switched off. Stood there for 10mins and cried before walking home – I couldn’t even face jogging. Don’t know what happened, but it was pretty soul-crushing.
[1.8km, 8:13, 4:38/km, 161bpm]


Expected: Hills run
Actual: Took Sye along for an easy run in the morning to clear my head and enjoy some company.
[6.2km, 34:56, 5:38/km, 144bpm]


Expected: Race parkrun + run to & from
Actual: Wasn’t expecting parkrun to go super well seeing as this month has been generally terrible for training. Busted my gut and battled demons the whole way around, but held on somehow to finish 25sec slower than last month. Oh well – still took first female (benefits of a small event!) and could run home afterwards.
[5km, 28:40, 5:43/km, 156bpm + 4.95km (parkrun), 21:23, 4:19, 179bpm + 8km, 43:47, 5:28, 151bpm]


Expected: 30km trail run with my friend Adrien
Actual: Travelled down to Rambouillet where Adrien is staying with his family and he took me on a tour of his local routes. Adrien is a much faster runner than me, but he didn’t mind going at my pace and we ended up having a great time chatting for three hours. I had some calf and pins&needles issues in the first 10km, but eventually that cleared up. Adrien shared a lot of ultra-running wisdom with me (he wins 100mile races), which made me realise just how n00bish I am. I also really have to learn to run up hils!
[31km (although Adrien’s watch said 32.3km…), 2:55:46, 5:40/km, 160bpm]

Three good things for this week

  1. Running and chatting with other people gave me a really big boost.
  2. Had a brilliant day in London, I love that city
  3. … might have found a job!

Three things to improve on

  1. This week’s elevation is disappointingly less than what I’ll be running in one race at the EcoTrail in three weeks time… EEK
  2. I think I’ve been trying to change my plan too much week-to-week instead of creating a routine. January was a lot more consistent and it showed.
  3. We had guests all week and I feel pudgy after eating out a lot. I want to constrain that a little more in the future.
Total kilometres: 91.9km, 833m+

2 thoughts on “Training: 19-25 Feb”

    1. I ended up catching up with Melanie and some other friends, so had a great day in London. More important that you & the bub are doing well! xx

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