Training: 19-25 March

The week after a long/big race is always interesting because for the first few days, your legs ache to remind you that you need to recover. That fades though, and yet your body is still in recovery mode so runs don’t go to plan even though your brain is thinking ‘but I’m fine! Why can’t I do this?’. It’s something I struggle with every time, and this week was no exception.



Expected: Strength (upper) + Easy 30min
Actual: Needed some more sleep so didn’t go to the gym, and for the 30min run I did exactly 30min because my legs were so creaky. Got in some stretching though.
[5km, 30:01, 5:57/km, 139bpm]


Expected: Yoga + Adidas Runners 12km easy
Actual: Strength at the gym from yesterday, where I was forced into upping my weights because some dude was using the dumbbells that I wanted. Then changed the Adidas session in favour of a long run-commute to school which got better as the run progressed.
[10.4km, 1:00:01, 5:45/km, 155bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, 5x6min threshold off 90sec, 10min CD
Actual: Felt so low after this session because I couldn’t get through more than two reps, despite trying that third rep twice. Was pretty gutted but coach said to let it go and just come back tomorrow. Definitely didn’t help that I ran the same stretch of path for each rep – I like variety.
[7km, 36:04, 5:09/km, 149bpm]


Expected: 30min recovery run + Strength (lower)
Actual: Went to yoga in the morning and then ran longer because yesterday’s effort had been cut short. Noticed that I’ve been relying on podcasts for every run now, and I should probably switch that up sometimes. For dinner we had a friend over & I made a yummy healthy salad which everyone appreciated.
[10km, 56:01, 5:34/km, 158bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Was originally thinking to do the Thursday strength session, but ultimately did nothing.


Expected: 90min easy run
Actual: Figured it was time to visit the other parkrun in Paris and wound that into the run. Turns out that Parc Montsouris is very hilly, in that half of each lap is uphill. Yuk! My run back home afterwards also had some incline in it and by the end I was quite over little hills cropping up. After lunch I headed to the gym to work on lower body.
[16.5km, 1:30:01, 5:27/km, 163bpm]


Expected: 4hr long run (run/walk on trails)
Actual: 3:15hr long run (walk/run on trails). At the top of the first hill I encountered on this run, 10min into it I was ready to go home. I had decided to follow the EcoTrail route backwards, but turns out that that way around has a lot of elevation! It was much more ‘hiking up hills’ than actual running, and it got me down. Was mostly doing OK for the first 1:45 but after that I fell to pieces and dragged myself around as much as I could. Of course – it would have been a smart idea to just change my course to something more runnable and fun, but that never even crossed my mind…
[25km, 3:14:17, 7:46/km, 136bpm, 684m+]

Three good things for this week

  1. It was nice to checkout out the other Paris parkrun, also because it reminded me that I really do love the Bois de Boulogne event and team.
  2. Towards the end of the week I started to have a resurgence of healthy eating, which I’m sticking with as long as possible.
  3. Had a lot of social events this week which were very enjoyable and a nice way of celebrating after the race.
  4. (bonus!) – Sye had a great week of running and clocked up his biggest week of kilometres ever! It’s awesome to see him so inspired and it’s a huge motivator for me too.

Three things to improve on

  1. Staying flexible with routes – if the route I’m following is getting me down, change it!
  2. This week felt very choppy and all over the place in terms of moving sessions around which I’m not a big fan of.
  3. Letting go when runs don’t work out
Total kilometres: 74km, 1394m+

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