Training: 19-25 Nov

One last race for the year and one last week leading up to it. It got really cold this week, nearly into freezing degrees – we even had a bit of snow on Tuesday! Had to learn how to layer up again for the few runs I did do. Managed to get in two strength training classes at the gym too – I solemnly swear that these were a massive help when it came to the marathon on Sunday. My body is getting strong.



Expected: 20-30mins conditioning
Actual: Sleepy morning, didn’t get myself to the gym so instead I did one of the Full Potential Algarve conditioning videos. It only went for ~15mins and I felt a little guilty for skimping.


Expected: 10min WU then 5x3min @ threshold off 60sec, 10min CD
Actual: This felt better than the 3x3min a few weeks ago but argh it was so cold and dark! Had to do my reps along the Seine because all the parks are closed until 8am. Felt harder than it was fast but overall ok – minus the rep where I had to stop because a dog was barrelling towards me ahhaha
[7.5km, 39:28, 5:15/km, 158bpm]


Expected: 20-30mins conditioning
Actual: Circuits class at the gym, consisting of 1min on, 15sec off done in pairs. Found some of the exercises really difficult, others ok. Wall sits burn! Did two rounds rather than three because I didn’t want to kill myself before the marathon.


Expected: 30min easy run with 4x1min @ 90%, 1min jog
Actual: Left a bit later in the morning so that the park would actually be open! Managed a sub-4:00/km pace for all of the 1min reps in the foggy morning. Solid. Body Pump in the evening again ?
[5.3km, 30:12, 5:41/km, 159bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: We did a ‘Friendsgiving’ dinner in Paris, and it was so much fun! Did run quite late though, which meant only ~4hours sleep before the plane the next morning…


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Flew to Biarritz, spent 1.5hours exploring and then caught the bus down to San Sebastian. Little bit of sightseeing, lots of pintxos eating, picked up bib and then into bed. Very busy day with a lot of walking (oops). How incredible is this shot I got in Biarritz though!


Expected: San Sebastian Marathon
Actual: Cannot believe how well this went! One last marathon for the year and I wanted to prove to myself that I can run a fast-ish time without proper preparation. Job done! Didn’t look at my watch and just ran – sometimes I felt strong, and others a little less so, but I kept on chugging along and it all worked out. Met a lovely lady called Amanda and chatted with her for part of the first lap, and that memory helped me get through the second lap too. Full write-up coming in the next few days, but I’m over the moon to finish the year on such a high note ?
[42.4km, 3:37:40, 5:08/km, 162bpm]

Total kilometres: 55.2km 

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  1. Oh what can one say Julia, just congratulations, lots of praise for being so determined and focused even dragging yourself out of bed on grey cold days ???! ?

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