Training: 2-8 April

Marathon week! That being said, every week in April is marathon week but this was the first one, and so brought with it a whole lot of nerves and organisation before my two-week trip to the UK. I did a bit of running, although mostly at an easy pace because my one attempt at a speed-session didn’t go well. The week finished on a total high with the Manchester Marathon – what a brilliant race!



Expected: Strength & Conditioning
Actual: Took a Body Pump class rather than doing a normal gym session and it was really fun! Lifting light-ish weights for lots of reps still had a big impact on my muscles, but doing it to music made the class fly by.


Expected: Yoga + 10min WU, 15min, 10min, 5min at threshold with 2min jog recovery, 10min CD
Actual: Totally screwed this run up. Had mad DOMs after the gym class the day before, plus I left the session for too late in the day and completely mis-fuelled. I was hungry after 5min of warmup and when it got to the fast sections I couldn’t sustain pace for more than a minute at a time 😞 Tried speed four times but eventually just easy-ran home.
[9km, 47:18, 5:15/km]


Expected: 60min easy run
Actual: Heavy heavy legs and would have given up had I not been running with Sye. I was just finding it really tough and couldn’t get out of my head, but he started telling me stories from Ancient Rome and with that everything got better again. Also did a lot of walking through the city from museum to museum, it was a lovely day.
[11km, 1:00:28, 5:29/km, 154bpm]


Expected: Yoga
Actual: Second yoga class of the week! We’re in a new room and the teacher got inspired to use some of the equipment which was different and fun. Still totally inflexible though 😂


Expected: 40min easy run
Actual: The sun came out and blessed Paris with 17degrees so it was shorts-on and out the door! Absolutely glorious day, but did feel a bit hot. Got everything packed for my flight the next day, then spent the afternoon stressed because there were Air France strikes and I wasn’t sure if my flight would be cancelled or not…
[7.3km, 40:58, 5:36/km, 155bpm]


Expected: 20min shake-out with strides
Actual: Arrived in Manchester with no problems, huzzah! Staying very close to the marathon start & finish, as well as a little park where I did my easy run. Added in 5 reps of 30sec strides to get the legs moving, and then went ate a whole lot of pasta to finish the pre-race prep.
[3.7km, 20:00, 5:27/km, 152bpm]


Expected: Manchester Marathon
Actual: Grinned from start to finish because this was just an absolutely brilliant run! I was hoping to test out my 4:00 pacing ahead of Brighton Marathon next week, but found myself locked into a comfortable speed which was just slightly faster than the required ~5:40 pace so came in quite a few minutes under 4:00. Met so many people along the way, made new friends and chatted a lot which was possible because the pace was so comfortable. The support was also fantastic, and in the later stages of the race my arms were aching because I’d been waving too much! Just had a fantastic day, and will write the full report soon.
[42.4km, 3:53:13, 5:30/km, 151bpm]

Three good things for this week

  1. Manchester Marathon – WHEEEEEEE
  2. Sye ran and finished Paris Marathon, and in a PB time! For not having trained & nearly not running it, I’m super proud of his achievement (just wish I could have been there 😭)
  3. Paris sunshine which always just makes me happy

Three things to improve on

  1. Post-race recovery and nutrition – currently it’s just ‘eat all the food and then sit on a couch’, which is probably not the best approach
  2. Making sensible gym-class decisions, or at least realising that a new class will probably make my muscles ache & not to expect too much from runs the next day
  3. Timing runs and eating so that I have enough fuel to run
Total kilometres: 73.3km, 396m+

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