Training: 2-8 July

Spent all week in Canada (Montréal & Quebec City) on holiday with my parents and happened to be there in the middle of a heatwave which hit 36°+ 😱 so I accepted that training may look a little different. Being away from home meant that runs tended to be shorter so that I could go sight-seeing & spend time with my parents, plus no gym/strength all week. However, the holiday was fairly active: we hiked up Mount Royal, went swimming a few in the hotel pool and did a lot of walking too. It was great to take a break and explore some new cities with my family.

An apology: I realise that this blog has mostly been about my training & not much else lately. I will (eventually) get back to posting some more interesting & diverse content – please stick with me!



Expected: 30min recovery run + stretch
Actual: It was already ~33°C when I set out, and within 15min I was a drenched puddle. Mum actually mistook my clothes for swimmers afterwards 😂
[5.3km, 30:18, 5:41/km, 160bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, then 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1mins @threshold off 60sec jog, 10min CD
Actual: Was hoping to visit the Montréal Botanical Gardens but they were closed + you had to pay, so I was relegated to roads instead. Got a bit tangled up and flustered and the 4min-rep was a bit of a disaster. Pulled it together for the last reps and finished at the impressive Olympic Park.
[9km, 47:00, 5:34/km, 163bpm]


Expected: 45min easy run
Actual: Took the train to Quebec City and I immediately was out the door to explore. Turns out we were staying really close to the Rivière Saint-Charles, which had a glorious path running along it. I kept stopping for photos because I was entranced with the place – got caught up in the fun and ended up running the second half quite a bit quicker too!
[8.7km*, 45:01, 5:08/km*, 156bpm] *Garmin recorded first km at 2:51/km pace… so something went wrong there.


Expected: 10min WU, 6×1:30 @ 85-90% effort with 60sec steady jog, 2min recovery, then 6x1min @ 90-92% effort with 1min easy jog, 10min CD
Actual: Gave this a good shot, but fell apart on the 5th 1:30 rep. I was at the edge of crying/going home but instead decided to just run easy for a while and see how I felt. Didn’t take long for it to pass and I could launch into the 1min reps. A good lesson that runs aren’t always perfect, but it’s better to just try again than give up.
[8.5km, 45:21, 5:20/km, 144bpm]


Expected: Rest
Actual: Could not resist claiming a Strava crown for a segment I discovered very close to our AirBnB. I sprinted my guts out (3:10/km pace!) for 300m to knock 18sec off the record and then jogged home again – job done!
[1.1km, 6:09, 5:43/km]

Getting swept away at the Montmorency Falls

Expected: parkrun (if possible)
Actual: Was not about to pass up the opportunity to run parkrun in a new country! The Frédéric Back parkrun in Canada was one loop around a park, and the team there was so lovely! I missed my last bus to get there so used it as a warm-up opportunity, but when it came to the run itself I wasn’t quite up for an all-out effort. Instead ran it sustainably-hard and still came home with 1st female, which is pretty cool 😄 (nearly missed my flight later that day though, which isn’t so good)
[1.7km, 9:02, 5:06/km, 144bpm (warm up) + 5km, 22:08, 4:26/km, 174bpm]


Expected: Travel day
Actual: Barely slept on the overnight plane home because I could not get comfortable. When I finally made it home I crashed out for a few hours, then spent the rest of the day in a zombie-like state, trying to stay awake for as long as possible as so not to ruin my body clock.

Total kilometres: 39.4km

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