Training: 2-8 Oct

It feels incorrect to call this ‘training’, particularly because this week I officially went into my first-ever ‘off-season’ where it’s more about moving than specifically training for a goal. I’m not running a lot, mostly because I just don’t feel like it – and that’s ok, I can still move my body in whichever other way that gives me enjoyment.

Monday: Treadmill run + Strength (lower)

I started this week thinking I would start working on my sub-20min 5km goal for 2017, and so did a session on the treadmill in the morning. I haven’t run on a treadmill in the morning, but it’s helpful for pushing the pace. Ran a pyramid speed session of 1min fast, 1min steady, increasing 0.5kph each time from 14kph to 16kph and down again. Sweaty mess after that.

Kettlebell session for lower body in the evening, which meant twice at the gym in one day. I’m feeling much more comfortable in that domain now though, which is a nice shift.

Tuesday: Swim

Went for a short swim in the morning, 800m in various sections with freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke all in there. It was nice to be back in the pool again after a few weeks absence, and is something I’d like to do more of again.

In the evening I was planning on going to track to work on this speed stuff, but I hit 5pm and was so close to crying without a triggering incident. All I wanted to do was curl up on the sofa, drink wine and eat ice-cream – so that’s what I did. That’s when I first started to think about having a proper break instead of continuing to train.

Oh and I got a new phone 😍

Wednesday: Conditioning

In a sickeningly cute fashion Sye and I did a conditioning set together which he had devised. It was 11 exercises each repeated for 30sec, all 4 times through with 60sec break between sets. At the end of the 3rd set we were feeling pretty good and talking about doing more than 4 sets and then got destroyed on the last one. It was nice to do that together instead of grinding it out alone, and was definitely 90% of the reason I went along to the gym that day.

Thursday: Nothing

Since we only have a few weeks (eek!) left in London, we’ve been trying to do as many of the ‘oh we’ll get to it one day’ things as possible. One thing was to go to a football match, so we went along to the England vs Slovenia match at Wembley Stadium! It wasn’t a great match (people were entertaining themselves by throwing paper airplanes onto the field) but at least we finally got to experience the true British football vibe first-hand!

Friday: Swim

After a frustrating end to my work week all I wanted to do was escape, and the pool is hands-down the best place to do that. 1000m later (including a speedy 200m) I felt more like I could face the world again.

Saturday: Old Deer Park parkrun + cycling

Convinced Graham to join me for a few laps of Richmond Park. It’s been so long since we’ve been out for a ride together, and also a long time since I’ve worn cleats. I was a little worried that I would have forgotten how to clip-in but thankfully didn’t have any troubles or fall off my bike at traffic lights 😅 We did two laps of the park, one clockwise and then one anti-clockwise. I’d never ridden anti-clockwise before and it was nice to find that the awful hill is not nearly as bad in the other direction.

Before that I went along to Old Deer Park, my 16th different parkrun in London this year. That means I’m only one location off completing my 17 different London parkruns in 2017 goal! Old Deer Park is 3 laps of two playing fields, and is almost entirely run on grass (except for ~20m of path). I didn’t find it terribly exciting, but it was a small group (for London) with only ~100 runners. I set off at a decent clip and found myself in first-female position after a kilometre. I kept expecting someone to overtake me but by some miracle held onto the lead and finished in 22min. I was totally spent afterwards, but celebratory cake for parkrun’s 13th birthday helped get my energy back again!

Sunday: … does cheering count?

There were so many races happening this day: Chicago Marathon, Chester Marathon, Oxford Half, Royal Parks Half etc.. I decided to go along to the Adidas CityRuns Shoreditch 10km event where a lot of my friends were running. I was positioned at 8km along with the Run Director from Burgess parkrun and we had a brilliant time cheering on everyone from the first runner to the last. So many people had smiles on their faces and were storming down the course, it was fabulous to see.

Total kilometres: 10km running (+ 59.1km cycling + 1.8km swimming)

2 thoughts on “Training: 2-8 Oct”

  1. I want to hear more about your sub 20 min 5km training! I want to get started with that as well but the one thing holding me back is constantly feeling that I can’t start until I lose some weight 🙈 I probably just need to get a training plan & get started though.

    1. Hey! I’ve kinda given up on the sub-20min 5km training at the moment, but the main principle I was working on is that to run fast, you need to run fast. Aka: short interval training faster than race-pace, long interval training at race-pace, tempo sessions at 10km-pace and the other runs at an easy pace. The schedule is actually quite similar to marathon training (just shorter distances and faster). If you can gain confidence that you can run at 4min/km for an extended period of time then the rest should fall into place.

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