Training 20-26 Feb

A weird ol’ taper week, where my motivation to run and exercise fluctuated with the days. I don’t know whether it was because I was tapering, or if the taper just happened to come on the week I didn’t want to run… but I guess it worked out. All the rest then culminated in the Cambridge Boundary Run marathon on Sunday. I’ll write a separate post about that race once I’ve digested it a little bit more 🙂

Monday – Rest

Could not get myself to go to the gym after getting home, so it was relegated to the next morning.

Tuesday – Gym + Run + Swim

I don’t think I’ve done a triple day since triathlon season last year, but this was a lot of fun. It’s tiring in that satisfying way where every bite of the next meal is amazing. Started with Kayla Week 5 Legs & Cardio in the morning, then took my run around Hyde Park at lunchtime. It was so warm (ha! 14 degrees! I’m an awful Australian) that I even ran in a t-shirt!

The run was 40min at mixed pace (10 easy, 20 MP, 10 easy). Easy felt nice but I pushed the MP a bit and it sat on the edge of comfortable at ~4:50. Oops. The finished off the day with 1.2km at Mile End pool before cheering on the AR crew as they ran laps at track.

Wednesday – Rest

Dum dee dum I didn’t want to do anything today so I didn’t how bout dah

Did sign up for the Prudential Ride London 100 miler though! I got the ballot acceptance a week earlier and couldn’t decide whether to do it or not (it’s a week after London Tri), but in the end decided to go for it. Will be a great way to get better on the bike.

Thursday – Run + Gym

Just an easy run before the marathon, 30 minutes along the Thames in the morning. It was pretty windy on the way back which turned out to be Storm Doris. We have much worse winds in Sydney which don’t get named, but ok UK, whatever you want.

Evening gym session then which was an attempt at Kayla Week 5 Arms & Abs except that my arms completely gave up on me halfway through the second set. I was lying there in plank trying to push up into a commando and had absolutely no strength in my arms at all – it was awful! I gave up on the sets then and just did some other abs and arms moves for 10 mins or so.

Friday – Rest

Did you know that you can go to the National Portrait Gallery on a Friday evening and draw for free? They even provide the materials for you to use. It’s a very relaxing experience, if you don’t mind sitting on the floor for a few hours.

Saturday – parkrun

Wasn’t meant to run today, so dedicated to finishing in a PW time (29:07, although it mysteriously never uploaded to Strava…). No tourism, just went to Mile End and had a lovely chill time at my most-run course. Sye set another cracking time to beat me by a good few minutes! I don’t think it will be long before we’ll be able to race together.

Sunday – Cambridge Boundary Run marathon

A small race (~800 participants) organised by the Cambridge University Hare & Hounds running club. Advertised as 30% off-road, but felt more like 50%. Finished in an official time of 4:06:00, although Strava is being kind and removing all the stops at water stations and says it was 3:59:31. My two goals were to run slowly but sub-4:15, and to try for a negative split. I achieved both of those, but the last 10km with headwind, hills and little support broke me.

Total kilometres: 60.6km

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