Training: 20-26 November

This week I farewelled London and say g’day to Australia! Arriving home to 25 degrees after 24 hours in a plane was a bit of a shock, but it’s great to be here. I didn’t quite think that it would be this hot, so so far the runs have been quite short as I adjust to the heat.

Monday: Commute + Indoor triathlon

Had a dentist appointment and then lunch catch-up at work so ran back and forth between the two for a grand total of 4km each way woah so far. After waiting for my delicious Indian lunch to settle it was time to take on a fun challenge which I’d set myself – to do an indoor triathlon!

The idea was simple: a 200m pool swim, then 10km on a spin bike and 2.5km on the treadmill, all within the gym walls. Sye came and timed my swim but after that it was easy enough to do the transitions and timing on my own. The spin bike killed me – my legs were on fire and I wasn’t even going that fast, and it came back to bite me when I got on the treadmill and just couldn’t keep up. Had to hop to the side and have a bit of a breather (and collect my goggles which had gone flying!), slow down the pace & then start again. I worked my way back up to pace by increasing the speed every 200m and then every 100m, but I still feel like I could have done a lot better.

Tuesday: Strength

This was my last session at the gym until I join one in Paris, so I wanted to smash out some deadlifts. They have become my favourite exercise, surprisingly. Unfortunately, the big bar was hogged first by one guy and then by two friends so I had to find something else to do in the meantime. Ended up doing a full-body set and with deadlifts on a smaller bar. This was probably a good choice anyway because it would be awful to have DOMs while sat on a plane forever.

As this was our last full day in London, we decided to go be tourists in our own city / revisit some old favourite locations. One of my highlights was checking out the Notes to Strangers exhibition in Shoreditch. It had some great thoughts which resonated strongly with me.

Wednesday: Farewell run + last day of burpees challenge!

Sye joined me for one last visit of our favourite loop around Clapham and Wandsworth Commons. I felt a bit stiff but towards the end my body loosened up a little. We took a little detour in Wandsworth Common and discovered a whole new section which we really should have explored by now – it was green and gorgeous with a pond and everything. Ah well, such is life.

Also finished off Day 30 of the 30burpees30days challenge! It was an interesting experiment to undertake, but I’m definitely glad to be finished with it.

Thursday: Rest (travelling)

Spent the day squished into my seat on the plane, desperately trying to sleep. They fed us so much food…

Friday: Shake-out run

Arrived in Australia feeling surprisingly not too jetlagged. In the past I’ve found that it helps to do some exercise to get the blood flowing again, so I went out for a little run around Sye’s home suburb near Wollongong, NSW. It was a ‘choose your own adventure’ style run where I took whichever turn I fancied, and it ended up including a lot of hills. I think they’re unavoidable in this area.


Saturday: Sandon Point parkrun

Only 2km away from where we’re staying, Sandon Point parkrun follows the coastline next to a beach, through a park and then back again via a T-shaped back&forth section. It was already hot by the time we arrived for the 8am start, and I was a sweaty mess even before we started climbing the hills. We had decided to run together ‘at Sye’s pace’ but I felt strong and pushed forwards, and he followed suit. We overtook quite a number of people and finished in a respectable sub-26min time: although of course he beat me in the final sprint again grrrrr

Sunday: Hilly run

Travelled up north to visit my parents who live in Copacabana on the Central Coast, approximately the same distance north of Sydney as Sye’s family lives south. (The 3.5hr train + car trip between towns is not ideal…) Copacabana is a lovely beachside town, and my parents live at the top of a hill. Makes for great views and a good challenge to run up the hill! After a warmup I managed two reps of the hill and then proceeded to hose myself down before collapsing on the front drive. 💦

Total kilometres: 34.1km

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