Training: 22-28 Jan

Started to see some signs of progress which are really promising. My tempo run was much better this week and then I posted a great result at parkrun on the weekend. It’s great to see the effects of my training, it really helps with keeping up the motivation into the next phase.



Expected: Easy trail run
Actual: During a break in the rain I headed out onto the trails for a glorious lunchtime hour. The sun sparkled through the trees and there was hardly anyone around – bliss! That is, until the heavens opened again 😭
[8.2km, 51:02, 6:13/km, 149bpm]


Expected: 6x800m intervals with 3km WU & 2km CD + Adidas Runners Odéon 7km @ 6:00 pace
Actual: The intervals are getting longer but at least there’s less of them. From our new apartment it’s ~3km to the loop I’ve been using for intervals, but the incline is getting annoying. Successfully claimed two crowns on Strava though for that loop segment! Aiming for 3:20/800m but slowed down for the last two, reps were: 3:19, 3:18, 3:15, 3:18, 3:23, 3:23.
Later during class I had a mini melt-down and went home, which meant no Adidas Runners.
[12.6km, 1:07:43, 5:22/km, 153bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Because I’d missed out on Adidas Runners I went out for a little jog around our new neighbourhood. Forgot my watch and my phone died so no accurate tracking, but did discover a converted railway line and a great park for running.
[untracked, ~4.5km]


Expected: 10km tempo run, plus 2km WU & 2km CD
Actual: Made a few changes to the tempo this week, namely not staring at my watch the whole time and running along a route I knew. Definitely helped because I was able to get through the first half only stopping for traffic lights/trucks/horses blocking the way, and pace was even quicker than expected. Moving time for the 10km tempo: 43:58, 4:24/km avg pace.
[14.1km, 1:07:42, 4:48/km, 164bpm]


Expected: 90min easy run
Actual: Had to squish this run into the gap between two classes, but that was also a blessing in disguise because I had very little wriggle room for stopping at any time. The result was a smooth, enjoyable and easy run which trended quicker in the middle section. Went into the next class sweaty but pleased!
[16.8km, 1:30:01, 5:20/km, 149bpm]


Expected: Racing parkrun
Actual: Bois de Boulogne parkrun’s 2nd birthday and an opportunity for me to test out my recent training. Set of hard but kept up the pace the whole time – felt in control, didn’t falter, even overtook some guys. Set my watch to clock-mode and barely looked at it, just running on feel. First female from the start, finished in 20:58! No idea I was going that fast, incredibly happy to go under 21min. Looks like I might finally be able to PB this distance in the near future.
[1km WU + 4.94km parkrun, 20:58, 4:15/km, 176bpm + 5km run home]


Expected: 2.5hr long run
Actual: Met up with a friend to run the first part of the Eco Trail de Paris route around Versailles and onto the trails. We had a lovely time chatting & crashing a mountain-bike/run duathlon (oops), and then she headed home after 17km. I continued on but my phone charger decided not to work, and rather than get stranded in the woods with no directions I legged it to the nearest station. Could have happily gone longer.
[23km, 2:20:12, 6:06/km, 386m+]

Three good things for this week

  1. PARKRUN. So incredibly pleased with that result!
  2. Realising how much better I am becoming on the trails, and how much I’m enjoying being out in nature.
  3. The parkrun community, who invited me to their birthday celebration on Friday evening despite me being so new in Paris. Felt very welcomed and part of it all.

Three things to improve on

  1. How often can I say ‘nutrition’ until I actually do it?
  2. A little more planning in my week to make sure everything gets fit in/juggled well. This includes making more of an effort with my French studies.
  3. Want to find a proper track to do my intervals sessions
Total kilometres: ~90.3km, 1167m+ elevation

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