Training: 22-28 May

Finally another race week! It’s been five weeks since I last participated in an organised event and it had started to feel a bit strange to be just training all the time. I was originally planning on training all the way up until Edinburgh Marathon, but after I fell off my bike (again!) on Wednesday and then was told I couldn’t swim for 3-days after a doctor’s appointment it turned out into a mini-taper after all.

Monday: Swim + BodyAttack

2.4km is a long way for me to swim before work, and I was exhausted by the time I got into the office. The set alternated 200m fast freestyle with 400m of slower pull-buoy, broken up into 2×200, 400 and 4×100. When I came out of the water I reeked of chlorine and had the start of a headache from my goggles pressing into my face. But it was a solid session that I was happy with.

To appease my oft-neglected gym membership (I mostly only go for spinning nowadays) I joined in a BodyAttack class in the evening. Never having been before, I had no idea what to expect. As it turns out, BodyAttack is one hour of sports-inspired cardio moves, cranked out to über-loud tracks. I was in a brilliant mood, and absolutely smashed it out. (Who am I? This is all the stuff I used to hate…)

Tuesday: Spin + Run intervals

Started the day with 2x 10min harder/5min easier before the standard 7am spin class funtimes. This week the instructor threw in 30second sprints, and then finished with a full 1minute of all-out sprinting. Hell on wheels, I loved it.

FRC intervals in the evening took the form of 7x800m sets. As happens with a large group of differently-paced runners we split up fairly early on, and I was left running with a rocking group of 4-5 women at ~3:20 pace. My brain had a little freak-out on the 5th set, but we were back in business to knock out the last two. I’m really loving this triathlon training, it’s got my mind and body in a great place.

Wednesday: Bike

Got 3 lengths through back&forth sets of the Holland Park hill when I decided that “no, I don’t need to unclip when taking this very sharp hairpin bend and travelling at 0.05km/hr”. In slow motion, my bike fell to the ground & I couldn’t get my foot off the pedal to stop me, which meant my other knee went smashing into a grate, and once again I lay on the floor while people rushed up to see if I was alive. One lady even had to undo my other shoe so I wasn’t attached to the bike anymore. Argh. One day I’ll learn. Hopefully by then I’ll still have two functioning knees…

Thursday: Very easy run

Knee was very stiff, but thankfully not injured enough to prevent an incredibly slow Thames-side run. Didn’t even manage 5km in 30mins, but was confident that by Sunday it will all be better again. Instead of doing any other exercise, I joined some ladies from work at a ‘meeting’ at The Shrub and Shutter in Brixton, where I had a delicious mocktail in the sunshine. Mmmm

Friday: Hot yoga

Went back to HotPod Yoga for a pre-marathon stretch out. It was wonderful: really easy poses held for a long time to let you ease in and relax. Incredibly sweaty, but that’s the whole point of yoga in 37degrees!

Saturday: parkrun

I’d purposely booked our train up to Edinburgh with enough time to fit in a parkrun before we set off (#keen). With Highbury Fields parkrun only one tube stop away from Kings Cross, it was the perfect opportunity for another London parkrun tourism event. Two things to know about Highbury Fields parkrun: 1) it’s super close to the tube (2min walk), but 2) it’s 5 laps! Five laps, each with a long, slow incline. Yuk. Pulled myself around in just under 27minutes, which isn’t too bad.

Sunday: Edinburgh Marathon!

It was an absolute blast! Ran with Sye and supported him around the course. He had some knee issues of his own and found the second half very tough, but I amused myself by cheering at passing runners, waving at the spectators and generally getting distracted by the stunning scenery. The last few miles involved a lot of walking, but I passed it by ‘borrowing’ someone’s beer, blasting tunes and declaring “We’re having a party!” to all the runners around. It was GREAT. So thoroughly enjoyed it, and I really want to come back and run it for myself another year. 😄

Total kilometres: 2.4km swimming + 45km cycling +  58.1km running = 105.5km

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