Training: 22-28 Oct

Finally I have embraced the concept of ‘rest’, and did a whole lot of it this week. A persistent ache in my left quad was causing me concern, and after the last big races I really needed to give it the best chance to heal. That ended up looking like rest day, rest day, rest day… This weekly update therefore feels a little strange to write, get ready for a short one.


Monday & Tuesday

Expected: 20-30mins conditioning / Rest day
Actual: Did my daily exercises (up to 15reps for each of 7 moves), but otherwise nothing.


Expected: 20-30mins conditioning
Actual: 1200m at the pool in the morning in 4 sets of 200m + WU & CD. Could feel my leg sometimes in the water, so kept it superduper chilled. Later I went and got a sports massage which was very relaxing but not particularly deep. I had hoped it would magically push out the ache, but no. A further measure: have switched to wearing trainers to work even if they’re not particularly stylish. BE GONE, ACHE!

Thursday & Friday

Expected: 45min easy run / Rest day
Actual: After talking to Ben we agreed that rest was still the most important thing, but that I could give a little run a go on Saturday (YAY!). Read back over my training logs and realised that the leg ache only started after I began doing my attempt at daily conditioning, so I’ve put a pause on that to see if it helps.


Expected: 20-30min easy run
Actual: Loved being able to run again, and the leg didn’t cause too many problems. Took a while to warm up but that’s because it was 4 degrees aka freezing!! Kept the pace as easy as possible (for parkrun) and then cycled home again.
[5km, 25:43, 5:09/km, 168bpm]


Expected: Rest day
Actual: Decided that I’m over this leg ache, and it just needs to go away now. Pummelled myself for an hour at Body Pump which was surprisingly fun, and then headed to the forest for a ‘hike’ in the afternoon. Spent ~1.5hours just wandering through the trails I trained on at the beginning of the year, and getting excited to be back here more this winter ahead of EcoTrail 2019!

Total kilometres: 5km 😂

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