Training: 23-29 April

And we have come to the end of the 4 marathons in 4 weeks! Once again not much running post-London and pre-Hamburg. Did get in some more cross-training though and enjoyed being back in Paris for the week. Mostly I was just tired, and one night even slept for 11 hours!



Expected: Rest day
Actual: Exhausted and trying to mentally process London and the fact that I had another marathon to run on Sunday. Little bit of foam-rolling in the evening.


Expected: 30min easy cross-training
Actual: It was sunny and nice so I took my bike to the Bois de Boulogne and did two laps of the Hippodrome road there. It was my first proper ride of the bike in Paris, and riding on unfamiliar streets was not the most comfortable thing to do, especially when it came to turning corners. Ended up being ~22km in 1hr 20mins.


Expected: 20-30min strength & conditioning
Actual: Did a full-body gym session with some core, but tried not to over-do it too much because I don’t want sore muscles.


Expected: 45mins easy cross-training
Actual: Headed to the pool for 1800m including 3x400m easy and 2x100m (50 slow, 50 fast). There was blissfully hardly anyone in the pool which made it very enjoyable! Later added ina little easy run with Sye, which finished by running through a park infested with so many bugs that I couldn’t avoid inhaling them.
[5.5km, 31:21, 5:39/km, 157bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, 4x5min @ threshold off 90sec jog, 10min CD
Actual: Cut down the 5mins to 2.5mins when that was all I could manage on the first rep. Definitely feel like I’ve lost all that speed I built up in Jan-Feb, but the pace per rep did get faster as I went along so maybe it’s just a case of needing longer to warm up into them, namely: 4:42/km, 4:37/km, 4:34/km, 4:22/km.
[7km, 36:33, 5:13/km, 164bpm]


Expected: Rest
Actual: Flew to Hamburg and had pre-race pasta with Mitch and Eddie, two first-time marathoners from Australia who went on to run the whole Hamburg Marathon together and loved it!


Expected: Hamburg Marathon
Actual: The plan for this race was to run it as a progression run, with the 10km sections in 56min, 54min, 52min, 50min and then sprint to the end. Had it pretty much bang-on until 30km, but after that just didn’t have the push to get my tired legs to move faster. Instead I took walk-breaks as needed, but without feeling disappointed. It was a huge achievement to run the four, and it was great to finish with my fastest time in what was a pretty good race all things considered!
[42.4km, 3:49:16, 5:24/km, 169bpm]

Three good things for this week

  1. The #4in4sub4 is DONE!
  2. Swimming and cycling as cross-training: it’s nice to move my body in different ways. I’ll get back to triathlon at some point, for sure.
  3. Meeting Mitch and Eddie, I had such a wonderful time with them in Hamburg over the weekend.

Three things to improve on

  1. Sleep. I’ve been getting ~8hrs but probably could do with more of that to help my body recover better.
  2. Mid-race decision making. This time it went well in that I acknowledged where I was at and kept going accordingly, but it’s something to keep working on for future races.
  3. Celebrating my achievement! I want to recognise this challenge in some way, but haven’t thought of how yet (and I shouldn’t just let it slip by either)
Total kilometres: 54.9km, 372m+

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