Training: 23-29 July

AKA the week where everything came crashing down, and I finally took a break. It wasn’t pretty, I wish I had sorted things out before it got to that stage but hey – what happened happened. The rest and recovery were good, and by the weekend I felt like a new person (or more specifically, my normal self again).



Expected: 30min recovery run + 20min conditioning
Actual: Too tired to go to the gym in the morning, possibly held over from 17km the day before (long for me at the moment!). Ran home from work which is becoming a standard Monday thing and listening to a podcast helped to escape from my brain for a bit.
[6.4km, 36:46, 5:43/km, 145bpm]


Expected: 10min WU, then 2x(5,4,3,2,1)mins @ threshold with 60sec jog recovery, 10min CD
Actual: Ooft. Made every excuse in the morning to try stay in bed, then would pull myself for a moment to get through the next step (getting up, getting dress, heading out the door). Literally only jogged for 20sec though before I headed back inside because I was about to cry. Basically just got totally overwhelmed by life & training and had to cancel everything to eat ice-cream & other goodies. Sye suggested yoga and 20mins of that made me feel so much better.


Expected: 30min recovery run + stretch
Actual: Worked from home to get away from that stressor. Took myself for a swim in the afternoon (tried not to count laps, but it was ~1000m) and did another 30mins of yoga.


Expected: Rest
Actual: Easy run in the morning, trying to ease back into things but not doing too much. It was already pretty warm, and the day got to 35°+ 😱
[6km, 34:49, 5:47/km, 151bpm]


Expected:10min WU, then 3 x 5 x 400m @ 10k pace with 60sec between reps & 3min between sets, 10min CD
Actual: Another short, easy run with a visit to the track, but not to run 400s. I probably could have run more but I was still scared that my issues would come back again if I pushed it too much, so I didn’t.
[5.7km, 32:24, 5:40/km, 149bpm]


Expected: 60min easy + stretch
Actual: parkrun was cancelled because all the volunteers are on holiday so I ran there to warn any tourists that it wasn’t on. When I arrived it turned out that some other regulars had already decided to do an unofficial ‘bandit’ parkrun, so I joined in! Tailran the first few kilometres to make sure people wouldn’t get lost, and then got to do some faster kilometres to finish. Ran home to make it a long-ish run for the weekend before brunch & playground funtimes.
[14.1km, 1:18:11, 5:33/km, 155bpm]


Expected: 90min easy run
Actual: Didn’t have a specific plan to run any time or distance, but then hit this amazing state of flow where my body was just moving quickly without me even having to push much. It was incredible! Love those types of runs. Definitely feeling like the rest & easy running has helped a lot & like I’m ready to train properly again. Later I caught the end of the Tour de France which was insane – definitely too risky for me!
[10km, 50:32, 5:03/km, 162bpm]

Total kilometres: 42.2km (a marathon!)

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